10 Facts about Butts you probably did not know

It’s big, it’s small, it’s flat and there is round. Butts are in all its various forms, and without doubt it is something that has always been interesting for us humans. In some more interesting than others. We all have our own, but obviously others seem to be of greater interest. Here are ten facts you should know about your very own butt!

 10 Facts about Butts you probably did not know 

01Big Ass is psychological increasing for men …
Some psychologists believe that rumpornas forms in women has been developed on an evolutionary level . As a rule, women have more fat  in their butts than men, which in theory could be that it would appear that women carry enough fat for a healthy pregnancy , which would be attractive and appealing in men.


Men and women tend to have different forms of asses …
Men and women tend to generally have different sized and different forms on their butts. This is because the hormone estrogen stores fat different in men and women; mostly in the butt, hips and thighs.

03The butt is probably our first sexual point in our primitive behavior …
It is not unusual for someone questions if you are a breast or rumpmänniska . Some sociobiology ster believe that the butt is the first sexual point in our primitive behavior, and people who prefer breasts do it because of the similarity to the butt.


04Sure, you can insure her butt …
Jennifer Lopez (see picture below) has insured her butt. That is to say, her butt permanent damage she could collect the full 27 million dollars of insurance money. Similarly,  Kylie Minogue assured his rear for the entire five million dollars .

05Rumpimplantat just gets more and more common …
In the year 2014 was made throughout 2446  rumpimplantationer in the United States. Approximately 10% of all who performed the surgery were male and the remaining 90% were women .


06Today it is also known for his buttocks … While some celebrities have become more famous for some parts of their body – such as Pamela Anderson for her breasts and Tina Turner for her legs – are other more famous for their rear portions. Some of those who have received the most publicity because of their butts is Nicki Minaj , Tom Cruise and Beyoncé .


Sitting too long harms not only the legs and back, but also the butt …
to sit for too long can result in you losing muscle mass in your butt, which eventually can lead to back pain and difficulty walking the stairs .


08A big butt has proven to be positive in cognitive tests …
A study from the year 2008  made by the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California showed that women with large buttocks performed better cognitive tests . This is believed to be due to women with larger buttocks have more omega 3 vitamins in the body compared to those with a little less buttocks.


Rumpfetisher is more common than you might think
… ” Pygophilia ” is the correct term to become  sexually excited to see or touch the butt.


010Jen Selter has the world’s most popular butt …
With over 9 2000 000 followers on Instagram is  Jen Selter the person who undoubtedly has the most popular butt in social media.

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