10 Amazing Facts about Foreplay you probably did not know

Foreplay is called the preparatory documents which the parties carry out with each other before a regular intercourse. A foreplay may contain hugs, kisses, caresses / massage, sexually arousing words, striptease, sexual role, masturbation and oral sex. There may be a way for the parties to relax alternative to ignite before intercourse, but also a way to prolong the sex act. Some people love it, others think it is less important. Here are all the same ten facts you should know about foreplay!

 10 Amazing Facts about Foreplay you probably did not know 

01Foreplay usually more important for women than men …
A recent Australian study has shown that most women are more excited by the idea of foreplay than the actual sex in itself. And according to the magazine Shape Magazine wants women to foreplay should be average in  19 minutes , while men just want to spend about 11 minutes of foreplay. Approximately going a prelude average over 13 minutes .

02The US has more laws about sex than all of the countries of Europe together …
the United States has more rules and laws about foreplay and sex than all the countries of Europe together . Admittedly, many of the laws no further active, but has for the most part only “been around” in the updates of the law books. For example, sex toys banned in the state of Alabama . To flirt with someone in San Antonio, Texas , also violates the written law. In the state of Indiana may not oral sex performed. And not only that; You must not sleep naked in Minnesota .

03Kissing is the best way to get started together …
There is an ultra-sensitive border around the lips called called buccal nerve . This region is extremely sensitive to the touch . Clinical sexologists claim that this is a special erogent area when it comes to foreplay in both men and women .



Foreplay can create more pleasure …
Foreplay can make sex more comfortable . When a woman becomes aroused the muscles actually up a bit into the  uterus , which gives more room in the vagina. This process is called a ” vaginal tent “. So do not forget foreplay – for both their sakes, guys!

05Ilioinguinalanerven is most sensitive in the whole body …
One of the most powerful and sensitive nerves we have in the body is on top of the inner thigh  ilioinguinalanerven located. Because it is extremely sensitive, it is often enough to move it under a prelude to indirectly stimulate the genitals .


06Can the nerves can be his partner …
Doctors have noticed that if you touch the side of the body from the bottom of the chest to the hips , stimulated a powerful nerve reflex causes the pelvic floor muscles to tighten up in both men and women – who, in turn, contributes to increased arousal .

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The majority of men do not like hard painted women …
In a survey of  40,000 men , found the whole 90% of respondents said that they found it as the most sexiest when a woman takes the sexual initiative. Nearly 75% also agreed that a woman is most unattractive when she wears too much makeup .


08Foreplay is about so much more than touch …
Foreplay is not just about the body or the physical sexual . A person can create a more sensual experience by organizing and decorate their  home or apartment with sensual colors , flowers , candles and even music .


It is mostly in the western world we are kissing each other when we have foreplay …
Kissing is one of the most basic forms of foreplay in the western world, but it can also be the rare or completely absent in other cultures. In one study of 190 cultures, there were only 21 of these reported that kissing on the mouth was ok.


010Foreplay can be compared with stretching …
According to the magazine Men’s Health  is the prelude to sex what stretching is for a training session : ” easy to skip, but a prerequisite for a good result .” So in other words; do not skip the foreplay before you leap well not stretching before you exercise ?

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