10 Facts about Orgasms you probably did not know

Some people get it often, others less often, and some not at all. An orgasm is often compared with the feeling of coming into the bathroom – when you’re really, really poop NECESSARY. Self, I know that “Ask Olle” got the question – what is most comfortable – in his TV program once, and even he could not answer that.Here are all the same all unnecessary you need to know about just orgasms!

10 Facts about Orgasms you probably did not know

 01)  Many of our words come from Latin or Greek language, and the right “orgasm” is derived as well from Greek and means ” exciting ” or ” swelling “.

02)  An average orgasm for a woman lasts about 20 seconds . What you, men!

03)  Men and women’s orgasms feels much the same – the same time as they are completely different . A woman’s orgasm is simply stated in the ” wave ” while men experience one great climax .

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04)  G-spot is an abbreviation for  Gräfenberg , who was the first man who wrote on the subject during the 50th century .


05)  Like BDSM ? It may not be surprising, for both orgasms and pain are controlled by the same part of our brain. It also explains why some people seem to have hurt when they get an orgasm . Likewise, this explains that the pain can subside if you get an orgasm or more.

06)  How do you let, or if you make any noise at all, plays a major role in the outcome of your orgasm will be. For example, a loud buster during your orgasm may also result in a higher climax. Yep, finally a reason to wake the neighbors at six!

07)  Orgasms are also  useful ! Research studies have shown that continuous orgasm boosts your immune system . As well, it is good for the heart , reducing the chance of the cancer and men less likely prostate cancer .


08)  It is scientifically proven that the majority of women experience a greater climax when they have orgasms during pregnancy .

09)  Do you suspect that your partner is faking their orgasms? In addition to the breath and even heart rate increases after an orgasm will also pupils to dilate. Time to light up the bedroom and stare your partner in the eye!

10)  A whole bunch of professional practitioners of yoga have claimed that they had an orgasm – of just performing some yoga movements , also known as “yogasm”. Experts in the subject also confirm their claim that it is entirely possible. Similarly, a lot of women had an orgasm during childbirth . Less sexy, maybe.

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