10 Facts you probably did not know about Pornography

Pornography is a growing industry, although today it is the largest we have here on the internet. Most likely at any time you visited a porn site, with very high probability you will do it again. Many of us do it repeatedly, and even several times a week. Here is part two of the important facts you should know about just pornography!

10 Facts you probably did not know about Pornography

01)  Men and women have a tendency to visit the pornographic sites for long periods. According PornHub – one of the largest sites on the subject – is an average visit their site 10 minutes and 39 seconds , which is also longer than any other site has – in addition to social media.

02)  Approximately every fifth man, 20% , admit that they at no time has the porn surfing on the job . But women are not much worse, 13% of them have done the same thing.

03)  22 HIV cases have been reported in the American porn industry of the actor, which has forced the industry to temporary production stoppages every time. Half of all cases have been in gayindustrin and the remainder was divided among men and women in heterosexual pornography.

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04) income in the pornographic industry is greater than the income of the football, basketball and baseball together

05)  The principle of single taboo category that is universal and illegal in every country on earth is child pornography


06)  Budapest, Hungary is considered Europe’s “central” and the capital for the recording of pornography.

07)  Approximately 30% of all internet traffic comes from sites with adult content.

08)  The phrase “pornography” was first used in 1748 in a text of Fanny Hill in his book ” Memories of a Woman of Pleasure “. The same book is also one of the most banned books ever worldwide. Only in 1857 was the word acceptance of the “Oxford English Dictionary”.


09)  The richest porn star , who translated and served mostly via pornography, is undoubtedly Jenna Jameson .

10)  Approximately half of all hotel guests who decide to rent a movie at a cost to his hotel paying to see pornography in the evenings.

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