10 Interesting Facts about Sleep Orgasms you probably did not know

Almost everyone can sleep orgasms. A good portion of us have experienced it at least once in life – others do not. You may have received a nocturnal orgasm in her sleep sometime, but do not have a clue why? Or even what it is? We explain the concept with ten facts you should know about just sleep orgasms!

 10 Interesting Facts about Sleep Orgasms 

01Significantly more common in women …
Research has shown that women can sleep orgasms significantly more often than men get it. Approximately 85% of women get recurrent “wet dreams”, according to studies. Are you one of them?


While the men get erections in their sleep …
A grown man has erectile approximately 3-6 times per night in his sleep! Nevertheless, it is quite rare for erection results in an orgasm . Just as well, because otherwise it would probably become a lot messier to sleep.
03Do you sleep on your stomach, it is more likely that you achieve a sleep orgasm …
If you as a woman striving to experience sleep orgasms can be a good idea to sleep on the stomach . A study has shown that just women who sleep on their stomachs are easier to achieve orgasm during sleep. The reason is that you can more easily dreaming intense and dreams that hint at sex .



Puberty can cause most of the men …
Although it is quite unusual for men to reach orgasm during sleep, it can occasionally happen. Most commonly, the men get a sleep orgasm when they are at least sexually active.It is common that men reach orgasm during sleep state when they are in puberty and sex do not yet have had time to become an integral picture of everyday life. But it can be done even later in life, when you least expect it!

05REM sleep can turn into a really wet dream …
The greatest chance to sleep orgasms you have during REM sleep , for it is namely when you dream the most. When you dream that most pumps are also body blood into the penis or vagina at most, which makes it easier to cause an orgasm.


06For some people can sleep mean utter fireworks …
For some it is even easier to reach orgasm during sleep than it is during the waking state. Orgasm is for many associated with that spans  or performance anxiety . In sleep disappears all that. Many people, especially women, are therefore easier to have an orgasm in her sleep, some sleep researchers say.


How to explain the mess …?
As well, you can also get an orgasm in a sexy dream – without you even going to remember it in the morning when you wake up!

Sleep Orgasms

08How many will fall asleep with music now …?
If you have never experienced an orgasm and sleep is actually really hungry on the way it is, there are a few things you can do to improve the odds of getting experience! A study has shown that the chances are greatly improved if you think sexy and naughty thoughts before going to sleep. Another tip is as previously mentioned; to sleep on the stomach . Other studies claim thatmusic associated to love can get you to experience a nocturnal orgasm. Try, celebs!


Now dare you never sleep again, huh …?
Although the topic may be taboo , and if it would actually happen when you sleep over at a friend’s, you do not feel any shame in any way at all. How taboo and embarrassing it is, then it is quite normal and can happen to just anyone anywhere – at any time!

Sleep Orgasms

010Sure, you can prevent …
If you, however, one of those who experience nocturnal orgasms little well frequently and want to avoid it all? There are things you can do even ate it! A hot tip is to masturbatemore often! It is RFSU which gives out the tip on to masturbate more in the waking state to reduce the risk of sleep orgasms.

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