10 Facts about Vegetarianism You Don’t Know

Vegetarianism is a nutrition that only plant foods should be eaten, which means that a person who is a vegetarian for ethical, religious, aesthetic, environmental, health-based or other reasons not taking animal products (some exceptions may be made for products that can be obtained from live animals ). These events often seen sponge as a vegetarian food product, even though it belongs biologically fungi kingdom and not the plant kingdom. The concept of vegetarianism refers mainly diet but it is not unusual for a vegetarian also choose to refrain from using animal products such as leather, fur and wool. Vegetarianism was coined in 1847 at a meeting of the first Association of vegetarians in Rams gate, England. The word is formed from the Latin vegetable i.e. vegetables.

10 Facts about Vegetarianism You Don’t Know

That said, here are ten facts you may not know about vegetarianism already!

1)  One of the first and most famous vegetarians was the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (best known for the Pythagorean Theorem), who lived 580 years before Christ. The term “Pythagorean diet” is usually used for a plant-based diet until the term “vegetarian” was coined in the 1800s .

2)  For one to understand better what vegetarianism is all about, one must understand that there are several types of vegetarians. The most strict type is called vegans .Vegans avoid not only meat but also all the products that come from animals.

3)  The word vegan is derived from a vegetarian. It was first used in 1944 when Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson thought it was part of many animal by-products and the absence of a completely plant-based diet in products found in grocery stores.

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4)  People become vegetarians by a plethora of different reasons; partly because of health, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic and even economic reasons. But the most common cause is based on the ethical objections to cruelty to animals .

5) Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that a vegetarian diet increases the body’s metabolism, helping the body to burn fat and calories up to 16% faster than those who eat meat during a daily basis.

Vegetarianism is a nutrition

6)  “The China Study ” is a book that was based on a twenty-year study that compared the mortality of carnivores and vegetarians. According to the book were residents of countries who ate more meat more likely to have higher mortality rates of “Western diseases”, while those who ate more plant food was healthier.

7)  Unfortunately for vegetarians are vitamin B12 is one of the few nutrients that come only from animal sources. Research has shown that a lack of vitamin B12 can lead to osteoporosis.

8)  Contrary to popular belief, many studies have shown that vegetarians have only slightly lower protein intake than those who eat meat. The same study confirms that the vegetarian diet provides enough protein if they contain a variety of plant sources.

9)  Benjamin Franklin was one of the first and most famous American vegetarian, and he was the one who introduced tofu to the country during the 1770s. Unfortunately for the vegetarian society, he became in later years once again carnivore.

10)  A British study has shown that vegetarian men are seen as less masculine and macho than those who eat meat, even in the eyes of vegetarian women. Dr. Steven Heine, University of British Columbia, told the magazine ‘ Appetite Journal “that meat and men have always gone hand in hand.

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