5 Reasons to Lie Si He Is Your Mistakes

Lie is sometimes difficult to avoid. Does not always mean bad couple when he was lying. Caught a couple lied, of course very painful, is not it? Well, according to Family Shares, before you accuse the couple of treason because of his lies and endless destructive love affair, checks deh, who knows the reason, is because of a couple lying on your own attitude.

  1. Because the truth is too painful, you do not want to hear the facts
    you refuse to believe what the couples (and others), if it is a painful fact for you.Not surprisingly, those hard to tell the truth to you.You live in denial. You refuse to confront the couple, and often wished there should not quarrel and had quickly done. But, the fact is not so.
  2. You do not believe it
    if you default suspicious of the pair, he would choose to lie, to avoid conflicts.Even though what couples actually not wrong, for example, they are where, by whom, at what time return.If your reaction excessive, then be practical (not asked all sorts), couples prefer to give a standard answer or not to be honest.
  3. You often take fights
    Believe it or not; there is the character of people who love to argue.What do other people, one just in their eyes?Not surprisingly, the couple is more comfortable to lie. There also are the days, when the mood was bad, the emotions were overflowing, or the stress of the job, he’s not wrong that anything can become a victim of your resentment. The love relationship becomes tenuous.
  4. You explosive
    What do you do if there are things that offend you?If the way you express emotions and anger in a way that excessive, overwhelming, and it exploded, it could make a couple hesitant.Something like a fight scene in a soap opera.
  5. You pay less attention on spouse
    sometimes; lying is a way for people to seek attention.So you pay more attention and more fond of her.He would be lying, fabricated the story nonsense, for the sake of your interest, because you’ve been too busy and do not care about the love affair you.

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