7 Steps to Keeping Organ Intimate Stay Healthy

Naturally, the vagina is acidic and contains ‘good bacteria’ in charge of maintaining the acidity to normal levels and prevents infection. Vagina healthy also produced a number of fluids to keep coexist-that functions much like the saliva in the mouth. Here’s how to keep your vagina healthy.

7 Steps to Keeping Organ Intimate Stay Healthy

Keep it clean

Always keep your vaginal health such as by way of wiping the genital organ1`s properly after a bowel movement. How, wipe towel / handkerchief / tissue towards the back to avoid bacterial contamination and reduces the risk of bladder infections. During menstruation, you also have to change pads regularly

Keep your clothes stay dry

Some types of fabrics and lingerie model can increase the heat and humidity, potentially causing excessive bacteria and infection. Use cotton underwear and reduce the use of thong unnecessarily. Also avoid the use of pants that are too tight and immediately change clothes in when sweating after exercise.


Keep your food

You may not realize it, but keep the nutrition of food and drink that much is one of the key health and reproductive your vagina. According to the study, yogurt, and juice cranberry good for preventing infection in the vagina.

Diligent consultation to the gynecologist

Any woman who is aged 21 years or older or women who are sexually active should consult a gynecologist for examination routine reproductive health. You are also required to conduct Pap smear to detect whether there are changes in vaginal cells that could be indicative of cervical cancer.

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Treat if an infection

Three common types of infections that occur are: fungal infections, bacterial vaginitis, and trichomoniasis. Fungal infections can be caused by several types of fungi, while bacterial vaginitis is caused due to the increased number of bacteria in the vagina, and t richomoniasis transmitted sexually. All three can be treated by taking the drug orally or direct care of the vagina.


Safe sex

If you are already sexually active, use a condom during sexual intercourse can protect you from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, viral infections, and bacterial infections chlamydia. That’s why you have to change condoms when switching from oral sex for vaginal sex to prevent the entry of bacteria into the vagina is not good and vice versa.

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