5 Amazing Facts about Blood You Don’t Know

5 Amazing Facts about Blood You Don’t Know – Many scientists are very interested in the blood group, because in addition to indicate a person’s personality, blood type can also show the risk of disease to be faced by the person.
Here is some new facts terkain blood type that we have that could be the basis and add to your knowledge.

5 Amazing Facts about Blood You Don’t Know

1. Blood O is preferred by mosquitoes

Several studies have been conducted in japan institute of pest control technology says that people with blood type O will be more frequent or more preferably by mosquitoes so that people who have this blood type will more often bitten by mosquitoes.

Facts about Blood You Don’t Know

In addition, other research studies have shown, blood type O are more likely to be exposed to malaria because at its basis of their skin is more sensitive and insect bites can also trigger the release of cells that make the skin bengkat or bumps.

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2. Risk drunk

Several studies conducted in the 1970s and ’80s to find between a weak correlation between people who have blood type A and a high level of alcohol consumption. This study has also shown antigen type A can change any reaction of the immune system in our body. When added with genetic factors People with blood type A are also the easiest to alcoholism.

3. Easy stress


It may be a little bad news for those of you who have blood type O because Yag studies have been conducted by the US department of veterans affairs in the United States have found that people who have blood type O are particularly vulnerable to increased hormone levels and stress. People who have blood type O is also used to keep the problem a long time so that they will experience prolonged stress.

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4. Persistent

A study has been conducted by the Journal neuro psychobiology have come across people who have blood type A would be very likely to have the disorder and obsessive-komplusif periaku well. Although research is still arguably weak and has not been proven, but the Japanese study results actually found a correlation between blood group A and persistence work. They also define the blood group A as a diligent and persevering.

Facts about Blood You Don’t Know

5. Bacteria in the intestine

Several studies have been carried out last year by European researchers who discovered species of bacteria in the intestines of people with a certain blood type turned out to be different. Since then separated teams in Finland found a correlation or a match between blood type and certain strains of intestinal bacteria. erta implication is quite big but the research filandia say this needs to be further researched.

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