10 Amazing Facts about Sex Toys You Don’t Know

Today, in virtually all out of any kind of sex toy – except my parents, who hopefully will not even know what it is for something. Main target groups are women, but more and more products during the last ten years also targeted mainly to males. Most likely, you have probably also named your vibrator, you hidden in your drawer for a book. Having said this, we offer ten facts that you just need to know if sex toys!

10 Amazing Facts about Sex Toys You Don’t Know

01)  The oldest dildo so far been found by archaeologists dated 30,000 years back, and was found in a German cave. What else? The dildo was designed as a penis of stone obviously, women (or men?) Needs even 30,000 years ago.

02)  The first vibrator – The Tremoussoir – was invented in France back in 1734 (!). Of course, it was at this time not electrically powered.

03)  But speaking of electrically operated vibrators. The first electric vibrator was invented more or less by accident, by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville. The idea was that it would actually be used as a muscle relaxant gear. The worst out of all was that it weighed over 18 kg, and you had to be two to use it.

04)  Vibrators initially used only by doctors to cure “hysteria”in women. Symptoms included anxiety, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, erotic fantasies, feelings of heaviness in the lower abdomen and wet between the legs. But it was not better before vibrators either. To cure “hysteria” in women before the vibrators were massaged to their clitoris with vegetable oil until they got orgasm.

05)  The first vibrator was patented but not until the year 1902, by Hamilton Beach. This was the fifth electrical invention was patented. The former was a sewing machine, coffee maker, toaster and a table fan. But to be discreet marketed the products rather than as “personal massagers”.

Sex Toys You Don’t Know

06)  Sex toys are banned in stores in Alabama, USA, as “there is no fundamental right of a person to buy a device to produce orgasm”, according to Assistant Attorney General in 1999. Likewise, for some strange reason does not take more than six dildos in Texas, USA.

07)  According to studies, the full 52.5% of all women over 18 years at some time used a sex toy. Again; my parents have not done it.

08)  According to other studies, women perform better in bed and gets harder orgasms if they use vibrators on a daily basis.

Sex Toys You Don’t Know

09)  Other studies, perhaps not a little unexpected, has shown that women and men who use out of sex toys are taking better care of their vaginal and anal health.

10)  According to another study, think 37% of the women who love them feel threatened by a woman’s sex toys. Men who had the same question, just felt threatened by their partner’s sex toys in 70% of cases. In other words, women are not completely way off anyway.

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