Best Sex Position Matches for Fat Women

Best Sex Position Matches for Fat Women

Some women feel less confident with her body shape thus affecting their performance when having sex. Though not all women are born with a body like a model on the cover of the magazine.

Do not be ashamed if you have the body contains. In contrast, the confidence you show in bed will actually make a couple interested in sex.

Elle Chase, sex educator and author of Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive to Empower Your Sex Life said the best way for fat woman can be confident in bed is by focusing on the pleasure he could give the pair and also enjoy the services of partner ,

“Turning his attention to the incredible things you are currently experiencing is the best way to keep enjoying the sex session and not think of any negative feelings that may arise about yourself,” he explained, launch page Daily Star on Wednesday (31.05.2017 ).

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Elle divulge, sex position is best for fat woman is the missionary position. According to his research, Elle discover that the missionary position appears to be the easiest positions. “Especially since you can slip a pillow under the hips and buttocks to lift the intimate area,” he said.

“This will create a surplus of meat that may cover intimate area be eliminated. Area intimate become more open and accessible to penetration,” said Elle.

In addition to the missionary position, the position doggy style into sex positions both suitable for fat woman. Except for people who have back pain or knee.

Overall, in fact women, and obese men could fuck with any sex positions as long as they feel comfortable doing so.

One blogger even said bluntly, “Your stomach is soft and fat, your hips are excessive, as well as your thighs are grooved all looked beautiful and sexy. You should show the beauty that had covered it during sex. Anyone who sees low beauty was not entitled to make love with you. ”

You agree?

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