Beware, Skipping Breakfast Various Causes Health Problems

You feel less energized today? Perhaps before you skip breakfast.

The study, conducted by experts from the University of Columbia, New York, United States revealed that skipping breakfast the morning can cause various health problems.

Not just underpowered and feel hungry, miss breakfast can lead to heart disease, diabetes to obesity or overweight. When you do not have breakfast calories so pile up and your energy will be drained for morning activities until noon. In effect, you will feel very hungry and eat more than usual during the day.

Other experts said that people who have a habit of skipping breakfast tends to increase cholesterol and a higher risk of disease high blood pressure . In addition, the risk of heart problems terkenan also increased by 27 percent, while the risk of stroke increased by 18 percent compared to the usual breakfast.

Beware, Skipping Breakfast Various Causes Health Problems

The Song How Good Way To Not Skip Breakfast?

First; Calm Down At The Dinner Table.

Sit down quietly and eat your breakfast that has been presented with a quiet anyway. Finish your breakfast and closed with prayer.

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Second; Do Not Rush.

The demands of work and lifestyle sometimes does affect eating patterns. But for about the breakfast, still better done quietly at the dining table. Do not do while walking, running or traveling for work. If you eat breakfast in a hurry, you can not get the maximum benefit.

Third;  Set The Time From The Beginning You Go Into Work.

When you’re welcome to come to work, you must know what time you have to come to work. That way you can set the time for activity before you leave for work, ranging from waking, morning worship, exercise, shower and breakfast. You can have enough time and do not skip breakfast with the family.

Health Problems

Once again, the habit of skipping breakfast is a habit that is not good for health. And it will affect all the results of your activities such as declining performance and achievement of learning for pupils.

How a Good Breakfast?

The morning breakfast is a good quality breakfast with a menu that contain balanced nutrition. No protein, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium,  vitamin  D, potassium and minerals.

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