Why We Should Eat Avocados and eggs Before Exercising?

Many people who encourage us to consume avocado and also two eggs before exercising the grounds make us burn fatter during physical activity. By doing so, it is believed we would get the maximum benefit of the sport and we can lose weight more quickly. Is this true?

Why We Should Eat Avocados and eggs Before Exercising?

Quoted from page Medical Dailly health, it is known that the consumption of avocado and eggs was indeed able to provide benefits for our sporting activities. As we know, sport is an activity which is quite a lot of energy and energy drain. By taking both these foods before doing so, then we are not going to be tired and limp despite the intensity of exercise performed quite heavy. This is due to the high content of unsaturated fat in avocados that are needed by the body to burn fat during exercise.

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Avocado was also rich in potassium and a source of various vitamins is good for the body like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Not only good for sports activities, avocados are also considered a good food to cope high cholesterol problem, the problem of arthritis , as well as gum disease.


When exercising, the muscles of the body will work very hard to perform various movements. By eating two eggs, then we will get the nutrients amino acids that can help muscles to work a maximum of physical activity is completed.
In addition to these benefits for sports activities, eating eggs and avocado before exercise will also make us not easily hungry so it will not easily tempted unhealthy foods that attract attention after exercise.

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