10 Facts about Sandwich You did not Know

Some have cheese, others have caviar or ham, and some have even sausage. To add a major effort to explain what a sandwich is feeling enormous unnecessary, for you do not know what a sandwich is so is man born on another planet. So we go direct to the point instead.

Here are ten facts about Sandwich you should know

Sandwich (in English “sandwich”) is named after Lord Sandwichs – a dice player who did not have time to eat in one sitting, so he asked his servants to give him slices of meat between slices of bread . Since then, the so-called sandwich a given success!


31% of the calories and 60% of the fat in Burger King Sandwiches comes from the mayonnaise!

A Minnesota-based YouTube once made a chicken sandwich literally spoken from scratch. He cultivated a garden, harvested wheat, slaughtered a chicken, traveled to boil sea water for salt, etc. It took him six months and cost him a total of 1500 dollars. To top it all, he thought that it was so good either!

At one point tried to Iran to get into the Guinness Book of Records by making the world’s longest sandwich! The problem was that people began to eat at the record-long sandwich before an official measurement was made, so it was never approved for a record. How to Know Someone location via WhatsApp

A man in Chicago, United States, could be arrested after robbing a sandwich restaurant. The reason he could be arrested as soon as he was immediately after the robbery ran to a competing sandwich restaurant and bought – yes, precisely – a sandwich .

Facts about Sandwich

In 2003 stole a man in Belgium diamonds worth $ 100 million from a vault protected by multiple security mechanisms, including a lock with 100 million possible combinations, a seismic sensor, Doppler radar, infrared heat detectors and a magnetic field. However, he could be arrested shortly after the theft when he had left a half-eaten sandwichs near the crime scene, which could be DNA tested. Today he probably regrets the sandwiches more than anything else. Scientific Reasons Why You So Loved the food Asin

John Young (pictured below), the pilot of the space shuttle Gemini 3 was reprimand after having smuggled a sandwichs on the spacecraft.

In 1987 paid Steve Rothstein 250,000 dollars for a lifetime of unlimited first class tickets at American Airlines. He hopped on planes to get a sandwich or go to a baseball game in other cities. The entire cost American Airlines a total of around 21 million dollars and they terminate the contract in 2008.

Facts about Sandwich

According to research by Newcastle University, a bacon sandwich actually relieve hangover.

An average American eats a total of 1500 peanut and jelly jars until he or she finishes high school.

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