Why Should Fear Considered Playboy?

If you are a loyal reader Classroom Love and Hitman System, to be sure you are not familiar with the term “hit”. Hit is a way to invite women to chat and get acquainted ala Hitman System. How about you? Have you ever taken a hit? Or consider the hit is the way met a strange and unnatural?

Well, not a few people out there who consider acquainted with the opposite sex is a rather eccentric action. You might even argue that it is often done playboy ways to target new prey. And therefore you are afraid of being accused and being labeled a playboy or a player .

In fact, my friend, I’m telling you, it is considered a playboy is an advantage. Yup, you read that right. It’s a BIG PROFITS. Your degree will not go down, either in the eyes of women and men, young and old. Instead you will be more popular.

Why Should Fear Considered Playboy?

How come? Instead playboy was considered bad in the eyes of the public?

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Wrong ! As long as you do not commit acts of violence, crime, and against morals, the public will love your changes. This is indeed an anomaly in the social dynamics experienced by many people unknowingly. They say playboy is evil, but they secretly admire them. Hahahahaha.

I bet you never witnessed anything like this: A says to B that the C was a player , but then B actually looks closer to C and slowly leave the A who originally ngatain C the player . And maybe C it is really player .

If we dissect the general characteristics of a player  honestly, then we get is: cheaters, PHP, deceitful, likes to make a woman hurt. Yes, it’s not wrong. But these characteristics appear from the perspective of men who were envious and jealous. Remember this well.

Just as you used to think was a jerk playboys. It happened because at that crushes you like him than you, so you become very subjective assessment because you hate the playboy.

But I believe at that time there was a speck of desire that you want to be like him . There was a flicker of thought that he was a better man than you. But maybe you immediately rush to mute blinded by jealousy.

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Envy and jealousy is that no one else could see him.

Jealous has blinded your eyes from playboy other characteristics, such as: good at stringing words, the interaction is very broad, like the challenge, and has many interesting activities.

These characteristics are seen through the eyes neutral.

So, when there is a jealous man mocked his rival as a playboy, others became interested in approaching the playboy, rather than obey the mind of the complainant. Well, if you can show the positive side of a playboy more than the negative side, everyone will draw near to you.

So what if you are considered a playboy by a woman ?

You actually getting benefited. It does not matter whether the woman crushes you or she is another woman who gossip about you to their friends. This occurs because of the desire or need to prove themselves and seek validation.

Now before you accuse this article encourages you to be a player , you have to understand first why phenomena like the above could happen. And as you already know, you will understand that this is not about how to be a playboy .


There are two reasons why a famous female player , already rejected and hurt hundreds of men, still hunted other men. The first reason is because she is beautiful. Yes, it is true.

But the second reason, another man wanted to show that he was the greatest, that could melt her heart, and beat hundreds of other men.

So, what should you do if there are other people who accuse you playboys? Well, relaxed and smiling just because the person who accuses you playboy actually promote yourself without him knowing.

Awful, right? You live replied: “Ah baseball anyway, I’m not a playboy”  or “Yes I playboy, carefully loh ntar same loe can love me”  accompanied by a mischievous smile and seductive.

So how is my friend, are you still afraid of being playboy just because acquainted with a woman?

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