Fertile Period when Want Sex with a Partner

If you do not want to ‘miss’, note your fertile period when want sex with a partner. Typically, when the desire for sexual intercourse has been unstoppable, you forget yourself and forget one thing: the fertile period. Have fun with a legitimate partner, but you have to know when you’re fertile periods, in order to calm the current ‘war’. Fertile time is a time in a woman’s menstrual cycle where there is a mature egg that is ready to be fertilized so that when you had sexual intercourse, there is the chance of pregnancy. Unlike women, men cannot determine the fertile period. One reason is because men can produce millions of sperm cells in a day, while women only produce one egg per menstrual cycle. So the male fertile period happens every time.

Fertile period when want sex with a partner

Sexual intercourse is best done by considering the fertile period. It can make reference whether you are targeting or just avoid conception. According to the study, the chance of pregnancy by having sex in the fertile period is 15% -25%. Here are some ways to know your fertile period:

1. Menstrual Cycle

Fertile period will be easy to know if your monthly menstrual cycle smoothly and normally. The average menstrual cycle lasts 28-30 days or 22-35 days. Ovulated egg cell or out of the ovary in the middle of the menstrual period, or about 14-16 days to be calculated from the first day of menstruation. So, three days before the 14th day and three days after the 16th day is an estimate of your fertile period. The time span is the period where most good egg to be fertilized.

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Here is the formula to calculate the fertile periods with the calendar system:  Note: Record number average days in a menstrual cycle for six months (six cycles). One cycle is calculated from the first day of menstruation at this time until the first day of next menstruation.

2. Lymph Cervical Mucus (Cervical)

The fertile period can be known through notice viscosity of mucus from the vagina. Mucus during the fertile shape looks like a fern, chewy, not interrupted if held, and pulled lengthwise, and sticky like jelly.

3. Body Temperature

When the cells of your eggs mature, the uterus will be prepared to receive a fertilized egg successfully. At moments like this, your body temperature will rise. Make a measurement of body temperature in the morning after waking and before long, every day to the same hour, for three months. Record the temperature data to shape the curve. A temperature above normal curve indicates you’re in the fertile period.

4. Ultrasonography (USG)

Determination of the fertile period in a way this is done regularly for 3-5 days based on your menstrual cycle. From this monitoring, it can be seen when the egg began to form in the ovaries, when the mature egg cells, and when the egg is removed. This method is suitable for you who have irregular menstrual cycles.

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