This is what happens when the body is struck by lightning

News about 11 climbers who were struck by lightning in Mount Prau, Dieng, Central Java, became the lips of many people considering this location included in tourist attractions are very crowded visitors.

Given we live in a country with high rainfall, then the incident was struck by lightning pretty much happened. Actually, what happens to the body if it is struck by lightning to make someone die?

We certainly know that lightning brings a very large electrical charge. For your information, in one stroke alone, there is the possibility of lightning carrying 300 kilovolts of electricity that would certainly kill a person quite quickly.

So, why there are people who survived the lightning strikes but not infrequently there are people who died because of it? Health experts say that this depends on the type of strike or delivery of the lightning.

If lightning strikes the body directly, then this enormous electrical charge can trigger brain damage instantly or even stop the heartbeat so that the victim died instantly.

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When struck directly, this electricity will bake the victim’s brain or make the heart’s performance completely stop completely so as to make his life float.

Meanwhile, for lightning victims who are not hit by a direct hit, 70-90 percent of survivors can still survive despite being injured or even disabled.

Dr. Joseph Zito from Franklin Hospital mentioned that lightning can cause serious burns . Not only that, lightning strikes can also damage the flow of nerves and blood flow.

In the medical world itself, lightning strike injuries have a distinctive pattern and are named Licthenberg figures , wounds that arise due to rupture of blood vessels due to exposure to very hot electricity , reaching a temperature of 27 thousand degrees Celsius.

If the victim with this particular wound survived, it is likely that he will experience paralysis or even the sensation of numbness in his body. Not only that, he can also experience ruptured eardrums remember the sound of lightning is also very tight when grabbed.

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