What Happens If Flies Occupy On Food?

Sometimes we feel very disturbed by the fly that fly and perch on various objects in our homes. Given the flies could have previously settled in dirty places, it’s good we protect our food by covering it with a serving hood.

What Happens If Flies Occupy On Food?

Unfortunately, when we eat, these flies often fly around our food. Indeed, we could have thrown them out with our hands so they would not easily land on food, but sometimes the flies could take a small chance to land on the food. Actually, what happens if the fly has already settled on our food?

Health experts say that flies can actually provide a health hazard high enough. For information, one fly was able to bring 200 types of bacteria that often comes from the dirty places that dihinggapinya previously like garbage, stale food, or even animal feces and human waste.

In addition, the flies turned out to have thin hair on their feet that could be a medium for bacteria to move on food.

Ron Harrison, one of the leading entomologists, mentioned that bacteria in the fly only take a second to move on the food we consume.

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In many cases, unwittingly flies can actually vomit on the food they live in. For information, flies should spew digestive enzymes in order to eat the food they encountered.

Seeing how disgusting the fly treats the food, Harrison strongly advises us not to consume food that has been infested with flies. If we are desperate to keep eating it, it is feared we could have problems with our digestion.

Indeed, we could have thrown away the already flammable part of the fly, however, not everyone can certainly withstand the disgust caused by the flies that already infest the food.

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