Really Frequent Pain Is Coconut Stroke Symptoms?

Headache is a disease that is very annoying. How not, because of this headache, we can be difficult to perform activities normally. In addition, the headaches can also make us very miserable. Some people were more frequent headaches than others. Many of them are worried that the frequent attacks of headache are signs of symptoms of a terminal illness; stroke . Does this concern true?

Really Frequent Headache Pain Is Coconut Stroke Symptoms?

Dr. Frandy Susatia, SPS, which is a health expert from Siloam Hospital, says if the headache was not necessarily be a sign of stroke. Actually, recurring headaches can be caused by other things like migraines, lack of sleep, hunger because they have not eaten, to excessive anxiety.

If headaches often appear but the symptoms decrease, then this is absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if the frequency of these headaches remains common, so it’s good we did get checked by a doctor for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

If indeed these headaches are caused by the usual things, as already mentioned above, then we need not worry. However, we should start to avoid fatigue, ensure enough sleep, and exercise regularly in order to reduce the appearance of headaches.


Instead of worrying about frequent headaches, we should be cautious start stroke if experiencing weakness or paralysis on one side of the body. In addition, other symptoms of a stroke are difficult to speak clearly and loss of balance.

In order to avoid this deadly disease, we must also be better at implementing a healthy lifestyle which should now start avoiding fatty foods, fried foods and baked, and foods rich in cholesterol is a major trigger of stroke.

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