Healthy Foods Pregnant Women Should Consumed

Maybe you’ve heard various restrictions for pregnant women vary in each region, including a variety of healthy foods pregnant women should be consumed. But to be able to sort them appropriately pregnant women should pay attention to the content and the amount consumed. So that benefits can be obtained and does not cause side effects for both mother and fetus.

Healthy Foods Pregnant Women Should Consumed

There are many different types of healthy foods that pregnant womens can indeed be consumed each day. But of choice – the choice of pregnant women may benefit more if attention to the types of foods that are recommended for consumption. Foods that are recommended for pregnant womens is as follows:

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  • Not only provide vitamin intake, but consumption of fruits can solve the problem of constipation is often experienced by pregnant women
  • Salmon because of the high content of omega 3 but few contain mercury so it is safe for consumption
  • Products dairy lean protein to meet the needs for maternal and fetal cell growth
  • Bread wheat will provide satiety longer and do not give too much glucose in the pregnant woman’s body

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Food To Avoid To Maximize Food Healthy Pregnancy

In addition to foods that are recommended for consumption, there are also some foods should be avoided by pregnant women because of various risks. By paying attention to these foods, the pregnancy will be protected from adverse side effects of these foods.

Here are foods that should be avoided are:

  • Any food that is consumed in a raw state will increase the possibility of the presence of bacteria in it and get into the mother’s body and then affect the fetus
  • Should not consume milk or drink unpasteurized lest they be microorganisms in it
  • Do not consume jamu traditional because despite the use of natural ingredients but not necessarily the content of cleanliness and untested.

In conclusion: So be careful in sorting out a healthy diet of pregnant women is an important thing to be considered in order to maximize the health of mother and fetus

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