10 Interesting Facts about Sex You Don’t Know

Basically all we remember enough that försts time we had sex. Almost everyone in any case, a minority was presumably too drunk to remember it, and others have not come to that stage in life yet. Sex is one of the most discussed topics among our people, and here ten Interesting Facts about Sex You Don’t Know

10 Interesting Facts about Sex You Don’t Know

01)  Only a small teaspoon of the man with the magic ingredient contains over 300 million sperm. We’ll be glad that there will be children of all.

Facts about Sex You Don’t Know

02)  Facts about Sex: Forget my sanded! According to a US study checks the entire 36% their Facebook or Twitter after intercourse. Hopefully the post but no pictures right in the moment.

03)  One can easily believe that men have more sex than women, but no! On average a woman has six 17% more than what a man has. Go girls!

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04)  The average duration of a woman orgasm in 20 seconds. That is about 14 seconds longer than men and not only this that an orgasm is good for your health and lowers the risk for women to have heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and even depression. Get out and have more sex in other words!

05)  Facts about Sex: It is no myth that sex counts as exercise! During a 30-minute sex you burn about 200 calories. The only difference is that those who had sex do not usually take a selfie in the mirror afterwards, like many do at the gym. Thank God for that.

Facts about Sex You Don’t Know

06)  Have you perhaps noticed that it is harder to urinate after sex? It is not imagination; a hormone is released in the body after six, making it harder than normal to urinate. As if it would not be challenging enough for men to urinate in a position, which in many cases can be compared with a pure brandsläckaräventyr. Stay up not long, however, it can lead to severe infections that do not urinate after intercourse.

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07)  Facts about Sex: According to Live Science, those who may be more open about sex and talk about it also a better sex life.

08)  A man shoots his release in an average speed of 45 km / h. Stay away, mopeds!

Facts about Sex You Don’t Know

09)  Facts about Sex: Only a single sperm contains the equivalent of 37.5 MB (measured data amount) of information about your DNA. Given that a full teaspoon contains about 300 million sperm are in other words, a fairly large amount of information. Too bad we can not save the files in the men’s sperm count.

10)  According to a study by the American School Indiana University has 37% of men and 25% of women oral sex when they are between 50-80 years. Obviously this does not apply to my parents.

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