10 Interesting Facts about Body You Probably did not Know

The body has been able to perform unexplained physical things through the years, we humans have never not been able to explain or understand. It may not be surprising, however, our body is, after all, frankly almost magical! Here is part two of facts that you should know about your body!

1. Men can most likely have developed specially designed facial features – just to be able to receive the kind better. Researchers found that facial bones are usually broken during the fight, but became more and more resistant over time as progressed. It is not unusual for all that men’s bones of the face are more resistant than the women’s facial bones.

2. If you are a little older you probably have on several occasions observed that you like sweets and food is much sweeter now than when you were younger. Although one might very much want to believe that the case is so, because the whole thing rather that sweetness gets a different effect on the body when fully grown. A child has virtually no limits to the amount of sweets you can stop by it, and does not know “satiety” of the sweetness in the same way as a complete adult does.


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3. It has long been proven that calcium is not so good for your bones as vitamin K. Contrary to popular belief; milk is not actually the best for your bone regeneration. If you want to build strong bones, you should instead eat including avocados, peaches and bananas, which demonstrably give a considerably better result.

4. Archaeologists can actually distinguish between cells that have been found from the middle Ages, whether they were front-combat soldiers or archers. The reason is that archers demanded so much power and strength that it all resulted in deformed legs of the individuals.

5. The liver is the only human internal organs that can regenerate it; as low as25% can regenerate back to a whole liver and function normally.


6. Tattoo Removal with the help of laser is more advanced than one might think. In the process used in those different wavelengths of light to break down the metallic ink particles to sizes so small that they can be sent to the liver by the body’s white blood cells. So in short, we can say that the liver eats up even tattoo.

7. In turn weight loss approximately 84% of the fat is lost to carbon dioxide and leaves the body in turn, through the lungs.

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8. Being close to drowning but manages to survive is probably traumatic for everyone! But did you know that you can drown in a “secondary drowning “? This means that one can die hours after having been close to drowning, due to fluid that may remain in the lungs.


9. All of us have probably at some point, more or less kippat for air while making number two on the toilet. The reason that you cannot breathe while you poop because the epiglottis is closed and use the air pressure in the lungs to expel waste.

10. One does not know one hundred percent why humans – and also a lot of animals -hiccup. One theory is that hiccups persisted since evolution when we went from gills to lungs.

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