Let’s Talk About Ejaculation which you don’t Know

If you think the term ejaculation only belong to a man, you are wrong. There’s a thing called female ejaculation. You need to know, ejaculate in women can occur regularly, occasionally, or even extremely rare-and everything is normal. During sex, the liquid will flow to the vaginal canal of the capillaries in the area of the vagina; this is called the natural vaginal lubricants (which makes the vagina feel ‘wet’). While the moment of orgasm, women will spend ejaculatory fluid. It’s not urine, its ejaculation.

Let’s Talk About Ejaculation which you Don’t Know

 If there is a woman who was never ejaculate, most likely when ejaculatory fluid volume is very little that is not felt, and this is also normal. And what about the liquids ‘spraying’ out when a woman sex which is also called squirting? Do the same with ejaculation? More on this, next …

What’s Squirting? 

If you do not know what it was squirting, ask your spouse, almost certainly he knew what it meant ( he must’ve seen it Often in porn ). Squirting is, as already mentioned above, is a liquid that ‘spraying’ out of the woman’s vagina during sex.

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Is it the same with (sorry) peeing? Some say yes, some say no. But in fact, according to a recent study titled Nature and Origin of Squirting in Female Sexuality, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, squirting IS pee.

Therefore, both urine and fluid squirting equally come from the bladder and have the same chemical composition. Squirting could occur because of the stimulation of the G-spot (which includes the clitoris, urethra, and the front wall of the vagina). But you need to know, squirting and female ejaculations are two different things.


If the squirting is a liquid spraying out of the urethra in considerable amounts, then ejaculation volume, fewer and more viscous than squirting.

A tip for him: Your partner has never been squirting and you want to try? Most important is the optimal stimulation of the G-spot area. It takes some practice, but hey, are not you curious to see it in person?

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