At least 2 times a week to make love, Heart Men Healthier

At least 2 times a week to make love, Heart Men Healthier

new research shows, have sex several times a week can help reduce the risk of heart disease, especially in men. This will reduce the possibility of someone having blockage of arteries than those who have sex less than once a month.

Although there is little scientific evidence to explain why a healthy sex life to protect from disease.

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The latest findings, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, sexual activity can lower levels of homocysteine (an amino acid). High levels of homocysteine can damage the blood vessels to the heart .

As a result, there is increased formation of blood clot and deadly risk.

Researchers from the National Defense Medical Center in Taiwan looked at more than two thousand men and women aged between 20 and 59 years.

They analyzed the blood to measure levels of homocysteine and match it with sexual activity of each participant, written from the Daily Star , Tuesday (07/04/2017).

Results showed that lower homocysteine ​​in men who claimed to have sex at least twice a week, whereas high homocysteine ​​levels in men who have sex less than once a month.

On the other hand, Dr Mike Knapton, of the British Heart Foundation, said the research was interesting. However, do not prove clearly, to make love regularly can make lower homocysteine levels.

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