The Nose tool Penancing Instant Turns Dangerous

Every woman would crave a pretty face in order to gain confidence when you meet with many people or do various activities. Unfortunately, to get a beautiful face it, many women who choose to use instant way that is not necessarily good for health. For example, now use the Nose tool pemancung instant or so-called nose filter pretty much favored womenfolk after many beauty bloggers recommend it. Although it did make us more aquiline noses within 30 seconds, it turns out health experts say if there is a danger of the use of this tool.

The Nose tool Penancing Instant Turns Dangerous  

We can take an example in which a Filipina vlogger named Raiza Contawi using a nose filter this on her YouTube account. According Raiza, a Nose tool that uses a special stick that is inserted into the nostril and out the nose is capable of forming his nose that does not look flat, wide, and so forth. Although it does look practical, health experts Richard Harvey of Sidney, Australia, it did not suggest the use of this tool.

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Nose tool

According to Harvey, this Nose tool is very harmful to the cartilage of the nose, if often use it, it is feared will be damage to the bone boundary organs and cause injuries. In addition, the use of these bones can also cause permanent damage to the nasal bone where the bone could be more to the inside.

If women want to change the shape of her nose to make it look more beautiful, Havey turns suggest femininity to prior consultation with a cosmetic surgeon instead using instant way this dangerous. With consultation, then we can get suggestions for therapy or how what is appropriate and safe to get a better nose.

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