Not that Make Men Penis Size Collapsed in Bed

Not that Make Men Penis Size Collapsed in Bed

size of the penis is apparently not a matter of the most feared man in the sex life. Therefore, the husband is more afraid of experiencing impotence to the female partner of attraction toward other men.

Sexual therapist and relationship counselor, Dr Rajan Bhonsle, revealing anxiety and other perceived fears of men in their sexual life.

According Bhonsle, although men seem active, brave, and strong in bed, but they also have their own anxiety is not widely known by the female partner. As quoted by the Times of India , on Thursday (06/01/2017) The following four frightened man in his sexual life.

1. Impotence

This condition is the first thing most feared by many men. Bhonsle said, 90 percent came from psychogenic causes of impotence. This condition appears without any real disruption in the body, so the pain occurs due to psychological conflicts that moved on the body.

While 10 percent of cases of impotence derived from biological factors. To cope with impotence caused by psychogenic, he suggested that each man can control yourself during sex and always initiate sex  with foreplay.

2. unsatisfied wife

Did not succeed in fulfilling wife also become their own fears experienced by men in bed. 

To avoid this condition, Bhonsle says men should give freedom to his wife during lovemaking. “Ask him to communicate what he wants sex, by accepting and aware of each others fear this will not happen,” he said.

3. Wife interested in others

This condition is the most terrible thing for most men. Most cases occur because of the husband being possessive, dominating, and excessive jealousy that the wife has loopholes and is interested in other people.

4. Premature Ejaculation

Similar to impotence, premature ejaculation is the last question is feared many men.

“This problem can occur in the sex men of all ages, and anxiety become the originators,” said Bhonsle.

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