Do not Underestimate Pain After Exercising

Running is chosen as a fun sports activity cheap. Unfortunately, running often cause pain, especially if you are not used to doing this sport. Pain generated during sports can not be underestimated.

Physiotherapist Jason Bonacci of Deakin University says about 80% of runners will be injured. This condition is usually caused by running too far, too fast, or running with a bad posture.

While the pain that comes after exercise is explained Jason caused the muscle to have a microscopic tear.

The body will then react to release the inflammatory molecule so that the muscles become faster healed and stronger.

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“The good news is the pain because the process will disappear within a few days and after accustomed to run the pain will be reduced,” said Jason as reported by ABC Australia.

Do not Underestimate Pain After Exercising

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“So simply if the pain comes a few days after the exercise is normal, but if the pain persists after more than a week, especially in one place, then it’s time you think that this is not a normal healing process,” he added.

If the pain is more than a week, Jason suggests getting medical attention immediately. Therefore, you should not let the pain for too long because it will aggravate the situation.

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