Pregnant Women Should Not Eat Fish-Fish Here It

World health is actually experiencing a dilemma. How not, have for years health experts recommend that pregnant women and small children to consume sea fish because it has many health benefits. Unfortunately, there are some marine fish that contain mercury levels so high that it will be bad for health if consumed frequently. Actually, is there any way that can be done to tell which fish are rich in mercury content and which are not?

Pregnant Women Should Not Eat Fish-Fish Here It

Agency for Food and Drug Administration United States (FDA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued guidelines for pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly and small children on how to eat fish that is correct, safe, and healthy. For information, health agencies in the United States is encouraging its citizens to regularly consume two to three servings of fish per week low mercury levels because it can provide a variety of benefits to our health.

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Based on these guidelines, we can see the fish anywhere that has a low mercury levels and which have high levels of mercury.

Pregnant Women

For pregnant women, it is better to avoid seven species of fish that have very high levels of mercury that shark, marlin, king mackerel fish, fish big eye tuna, swordfish, orange roughy fish and fish also tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, the fish are low in calories so it is considered safe enough to eat is salmon, tilapia, cod and shrimp.

Not just asking people to be more careful in consuming the fish, the guide also expected to be a reference for merchants selling fish in the fish. These fish traders are also required to install this guide in the store so customers can choose which fish are good to eat.

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