10 facts you probably did not know about cholesterol

About Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a lipid, a fatty substance that preferably is an important building block in the cell membranes that make up each cell’s outer shell, which is also found in organelles inside each cell. Pure chemical cholesterol is also a steroid and an alcohol. The name comes from the Greek chole meaning bile and stereos meaning solid. When you first successfully identify cholesterol was namely in a solid form in gallstones. Perhaps you already know the basics about the subject, but here are ten facts you at least may not know!

10 facts you probably did not know about Cholesterol

As previously mentioned, the cholesterol is one type of lipid ( fat ), which is essential for all animal life – in the right amount. Cholesterol performs three important functions: firstly, it helps to create the outermost layer of cells. Secondly, it creates bile acids that work to digest food in the gut. And for the third allows cholesterol body to make vitamin D and hormones, such as testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

Cholesterol is oil based and blood is water based. If cholesterol just dumped into a person’s bloodstream, would coagulate into unusable globs. The body looks to package it in the protein particles called lipoproteins. If cholesterol accumulate in high concentrations, such as in the gall bladder, it can be crystallized. Crystallized cholesterol is one of the main components of the most common type of gallstones.

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If you have been for you to eat up your buddy brain is something we strongly encourage you not to. Brains are namely unhealthy eating because they have high levels of cholesterol and fat in itself. For example, a single serving of a 140 gram jar with “brains mjölkgravy” contains 3500 mg of cholesterol.

facts you probably did not know about cholesterol

Studies have shown that breastfed children have lower levels of cholesterol as adults, compared with those who have not been breastfed and instead has been fed by bottle or other form of infant formula. Furthermore, human milk rich in healthy cholesterol and fat, which helps to prevent diseases of an adult heart and the central nervous system.

Cholesterol is essential for embryo development. Nearly one in 9000 children are born with a birth defect linked to fetal failure to create the cholesterol needed.

United States is the country where the population has the greatest problems with their cholesterol in the world. Of all Americans with unhealthy levels of cholesterol is considered one of the seven have what is considered “high” or cholesterol levels that put them at nearly twice as likely to develop heart disease . For high cholesterol defined as 240 milligrams per deciliter or more.

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about Cholesterol: Chicken is known to be a typical low-fat meal. But if you decide to keep the skin off chicken, or possibly deep-fry it, it is converted rapidly to a meal of high cholesterol instead.

Reduced blood flow caused by high cholesterol has been linked to low sexual desire and ability. High cholesterol causes fatty deposits that clog blood vessels in the pelvic area, which creates erectile dysfunction in men. It may also affect women’s ability to become wet between the legs.

Cholesterol protects the integrity of cell membranes and keeps cells healthy and strong. If a person’s cholesterol level was zero (which, however, is impossible), the cell membranes would be dry and cracked, and all the contents of the cell would leak out immediately.

facts you probably did not know about cholesterol

If you could manage the feat to keep cholesterol found in your body in your hand, it would look like a waxy substance, much like when you have scratched the gulvittfärgat a candle.

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