This is the Reason why we Should not be Sexually Connected in the Pool

Many people who want to feel the sensation of a different sex so that it can provide tremendous satisfaction. One of them is by having sex in unusual places like in the pool. Although it looks interesting, health experts were very not recommend to have sex in the pool because it can provide many losses such as the following.

This is the Reason why we Should not be Sexually Connected in the Pool

Water is not a good

lubricant If we have sex in a swimming pool, then most of our bodies will be submerged in the water. The problem is, the pool water was not clean so it would be less good to lubricate vital organs that tend to be sensitive.

In many cases, swimming pool water will eliminate the natural lubricant and make friction when penetration becomes noticeable and make the intercourse become less comfortable to do.

Can cause sexually

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transmitted infections Health experts say that having sex in the pool turned out to make the performance of condoms to be not optimal. As a result, we will be more at risk of sexually transmitted infections or even get an unplanned pregnancy.


Dangers of chemicals mixed in pool

water Most pool water uses chlorine which can make a good balance of bacteria in the vital organs become disrupted If this happens, then the vital organs will be more at risk for exposure to bacterial vaginosis or even inflamed.

Gynecology health experts named dr. Vanessa Mackay mentioned that women who have sex in the pool are more at risk of bladder infections and other infections.

Connecting in the pool is actually more difficult to do Unexpected

having sex in the pool was difficult to do. The risk to slip or even hit the sides or bottom of the pool will also be greater so that we will be more at risk of injury.

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