What Relationships of Men with Condoms

If you think a condom is a ‘friend’ of men, one man with a condom besar. Hubungan more precisely spelled out, Complicated! Its presence is required, but worn-man said-not as comfortable as unprotected sex.

What Relationships of Men with Condoms 

in America, the use of condoms which decreased since 2011 has been a concern According to sexual health researcher Debby Herbenick, Ph.D. from the University of Indiana, United States, and one reason: many men misunderstand about condoms. “I even watched some of my student’s sendiriberpikir that condoms only for the prevention of pregnancy,” said Debby. In fact, when talking about sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are the only way to protect you.

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World Health Organization (WHO) said the correct use of condoms can be effective in preventing pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases as much as 98% -level success that is difficult to surpass other contraceptives. But amid the raging sexual desire, the perfect condom use is a challenge. So in reality, the effectiveness kondomturun to 82% according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Another misconception is our culture that is positioned condoms as a contraceptive for having sex outside marriage ataudigunakan on prostitusi.Padahal practice in certain situations, a married couple can also use a condom-usually for birth control, as well as self-protection when the partner does not monogami.Hal the underlying mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, to do sosialisasikondom not only to commercial sex workers, but also to the housewife in the regular meeting of the PKK. Because, often occur housewives infected with a sexually transmitted disease after traced obtained from their husbands.

In addition, the adult film seringkalimempertontonkan attractive man penissebelum climax to ejaculate outside the body pasangannyajuga considered as the cause of a lazy man to wear a condom. Many orangbelajar sex from porn and then adopt it, which according to Debby clearly erroneous.

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