Research Discover Reason People Very Love Chocolate

Who does not like chocolate ? Most people, no matter what age, likes chocolate. It’s hard for them refusing chocolate than others because so despise. Botanist, James Wong, curious and trying to find answers as to why people just love chocolate. Even if they’re on a diet, when  cheating  day  arrived, sought is brown. Already thousands of years ago people in the United States made the favorite snack of chocolate. In fact, the Mayans and the Aztecs had a typical drink made from cocoa beans known as  xocolati. 

Xocolati  means bitter water. Because it is a drink that is made from cocoa beans first are still raw so it’s still very bitter.

Research Discover Reason People Very Love Chocolate

To get the first seed, the people of the Mayans and Aztecs had to open the thick husks of the cocoa skin, then release the flesh that has a tropical flavor, a blend of lemonade and custard apples are sweet, sour, and sticky.

Seeds and pulp are fermented for several days, before being dried and then baked. When the seeds and flesh baked goods, various chemical compounds will come to the surface.

Aroma of chemical compounds such as acids 3-methylbutanoic make the brains of people who smell the aroma will be like,

Seduce one’s senses

Chocolate also contains a number of psychoactive chemicals (substances that enter the body and affects the body) is interesting.

“This includes anandamide, a neurotransmitter (signal carrier endogenous organic compounds), whose name comes from the language Sanskerta– ananda , which means joy, happiness. There is also the content of tyramine (a substance produced protein) and phenylethylamine (a chemical found in in the body), “said James.

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Furthermore, the content of tyramine and phenylethylamine has a similar effect to amphetamines (a drug that could be used to treat disorders) hyperactive. Some food scientists are very excited about the discovery of chocolate delight.

The brain will not be exposed to chemicals from eating some chocolate box. Chocolate may play a minor role in seducing one’s senses.

Sugar plus fat

When bitten by a brown, then quickly melted on the tongue, then leave the old soft sensation. Special touch receptors on the tongue detect changes in texture cokela, which led to stimulate feelings of pleasure.

But the thing that really changed, cocoa drinks bitter and watery into a snack – which is enjoyed to this day – is the addition of sugar and fat.


The addition of just the right amount of each is very important to give chocolate enjoyment. You can see on the side of a packet of milk chocolate usually contains about 20-25 percent fat and 40-50 percent sugar.

In the real world, high levels of sugar and fat rarely found. You can get a lot of natural sugar of fruits and roots. There are a lot of fat can be found in nuts or a delicious piece of salmon, but one of the few places that’ll have sugar and fat contained in milk.

Breast milk contains very rich in natural sugars, especially lactose. Approximately 4 percent of the milk is fat, while about 8 percent consists of sugar. Formula, which is given to infants, containing the same ratio, the fat to sugar.

The ratio of total fat 1g to 2g sugar is the same ratio, which is found in milk chocolate. It is also found in biscuits, donuts and ice cream. Even certain ratio reflected in many foods that make it hard to resist.

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