It’s the Right Time to Drink Tea for Health

Tea is the most consumed beverage society around the world. In fact, there are people who are addicted to tea and can not do without a cup every morning. However, while enjoying it, it turns out there is a good time, when?

In order for tea consumed is not harmful and can maintain a healthy body, Brand Manager Tea Shoots Harum Juanita said it is good to consume tea in the morning and afternoon.

“Starting tea in the morning makes the perceived activity better because it energizes itself and during the day it can consume cold tea which is good for health and more refreshing,” says Juanita.

It's the Right Time to Drink Tea for Health
For tea packaging is also considered harmless. Because some tea packaging is made with natural ingredients with filtering that has been clinically tested and memeliki same nutritional content as natural tea.

“Safe kok consumed when tea packaging, because it has been tested also in clinical and nutrition is also the same as the usual tea bags consumed,” he said.

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