What is the Right Time for Morning Sex

Morning sex does have many benefits. Experts say that morning sex can make the body more healthy and happy menjai. Not to mention, in the morning, male testosterone levels surge throughout the night while asleep. So, in the morning, men were more likely to have mood good for sex. Hhmm…. Well, it turns out there is another benefit of morning sex you should know.

  • Ladies! Do not be lazy and refuse if he invites you to make love in the morning. Because, ya, Estrogen chemicals released during sex can make hair shinier, stronger nails, and improve skin tone.
  • You often stress because of piles of work? Apparently, morning sex is believed to improve mood during the day.
  • Who among you who are on a diet? Morning sex can burn on average 300 calories / hour, increasing the pulse rate, and blood circulation while lowering blood pressure. A study conducted by Queen’s University, to make love at least three times a week could halve the risk of heart attack and stroke.Morning Sex
  • When you make love in the morning, the body releases more of IgA, an antibody used in the immune system thus reducing the risk of flu.

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Seeing the benefits above, you certainly will not miss the morning sex, right? Perhaps you are confused when it is appropriate to perform the action. Given the early morning time is very narrow. You have to prepare breakfast in the morning, and he’s your clothes, not to mention if you already have a child in which time in the morning getting a bit.

However, it is not an excuse. Actually there are two studies that support when you should make love in the morning. Suzie Hayman, sex therapists say the right time to make love is at half past eight in the morning, because, that’s when the body is producing sex hormones that support your sex activity. At that time, you will feel relaxed, but remain aware that tend to be more responsive. bed-workout-591x420

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In addition, a study in Italy, having sex at 7.30 can increase the chances the pair to reach orgasm and maximum satisfaction.

Perhaps you immediately protested, what if you have to work and do not allow making love at 7:30? A different study from the University of West minstermengatakan if waking up in between 5.30 to 7.30 should not be done because getting up at the tend to produce the hormone cortisol in the blood that trigger stress.

So, if put together from several research tersebiut, preferably morning sex is done before 5:30 or after seven-thirty.

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