Sex positions that can give you the pleasure

When it comes to sex, bigger is not always better At least, not for every position and maneuver. The good news, you can still feel the maximum pleasure with a partner, however, the shape and size of his penis. Here are some sex positions that can give you the pleasure of corresponding shape-large, curved, mushrooms, or whatever. You’ll definitely find a way to reach maximum velocity with Reviews These pointers.

Sex positions that can give you the pleasure

Mr. Big

size is too large junior sometimes makes women worry feel pain. If your partner has a jumbo size, extend the time of foreplay up to 10-15 minutes to allow your vagina become more relaxed. If necessary, use a lubricant. The proper position for a big penis is the woman on top so that you can control how deep penetration. Hold your body with his hands in the side of his head on the floor as if to pushup. Ask him to bend his legs as retaining your backside. Another alternative is the position of fusion. How, asked him to sit with legs outstretched to the front, and then you sit on it.

This position allows you to control the speed of penetration and sex sessions became more comfortable.

The Tiny 

Doggy style is the right position for him who has a small penis size because it can produce deep penetration. Position your body prone on the bed, put his head and shoulders on the pillow, and lift your buttocks and your thighs flops. The harder you tighten your thighs, the more stable the sensation that you both feel. Other style is spooning with thighs clamped so that the friction during penetration makes you both more than satisfied. This style also allows him free fingers moving along the breasts or clitoris sehinggam make you hotter sex. One tips if his penis size is not too large are less lubricant consumption because you both just need more friction during sex.


sex positions

penis is too long sometimes also make women feel nyaman. Untuk that try to position spooning because he could easily touch the G-spot you, and make you both feel closer because he could hug you from behind. Other positions that fit is a woman on top because you can adjust the depth of penetration.

Short sex positions

Penis short has its advantages in style missionary and doggy style. The early part of the vagina is the most sensitive part, so do not underestimate your partner when junior is short, because he could easily vibrating clitoral and G-spot you.

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Curved upwards

This form is easy to stimulate the G-spot with style missionary, cowgirl, and other positions where you and your partner face each other. When the curved shape and tend to be short, try style missionary but lift your legs up to touch his shoulder. If curved and long, do style cowgirl and let you control the game.

Sloped down

Similar to curve upward, the form is very easy to touch and stimulate the G-Spot. If the size is short, doggy style will make maximum sex session. If the size is a little long, try a position spooning with a partner.

sex positions
Small diameter / thin

If the diameter of the partner’s penis is not too great, a good position is both thighs clamped. This will narrow the vaginal opening so that you and he will feel more sensation ‘full’. Try also doggy style with thigh remain pinched and when your body is flexible enough, do position missionary with your legs bent to her chest so that the more mobile.

Shaped Pencil

This is the most common form in men with penis uniform diameter from the base to the tip. Actually, this form does not have a problem for a variety of styles, but if the size is large enough in diameter so some positions like doggy style can make a woman feel less comfortable.

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Banana sex positions

has a shape of stem enlarged section while the ends shrink back as the size of the base. This shape makes her easily satisfied. The shape is flexible and can spoil you so there is no problem at all to try a variety of styles.
sex positions

This form is easily visible with the tip of the penis is greater than the base. If the shaft thin, you have to find a position that produces a lot of friction such as missionary or sideways.

Cone sex positions

shape is conical shape will remind you with a cone ice cream. This form is not difficult to force anything but will get the maximum position if the woman is under. For a variety of styles missionary, asked the couple kneeling upright in front of you, and lift your legs up to his shoulder. Let him hold by holding your thigh. Another style is to put your feet swept up to his shoulders, then let him do deep penetration. However this is usually less convenient form for the position doggy style. If shaped like a cone with a rather large diameter, ask the couple to move more slowly and relaxed penetration so as not to hurt you.

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