How to be a Sexually Empowered Women

Sexually Empowered Women: Oriental Society as Indonesia generally viewed women as meek are not too demands to mate, including when making out with a partner. This finally brings them to the dissatisfaction in sex. In fact, according to the AP survey SHOW (Asia Pacific Sexual Health and Overall Wellness) to 1,941 women in the Asia Pacific region, there are 64% of women who are not happy to be their sex lives. When this is not the time to be shy and give up the entire sex act to your male partner. Women in many countries began to dare to take the initiative of sex, in accordance with the spirit of feminism that demands equal rights fully between women and men. If he could reach the peak of orgasm, why women do not? As said by the author of the book Full Frontal Feminism works of Jessica Valentine, “Satisfaction to reach climax during sex is not a feminist issue urgent, but sexuality is one of the main parts of a person’s life. So, why not ask a woman her right to have an orgasm as he feels?”

How to be a Sexually Empowered Women

Not only demanded satisfaction from your partner, you should ideally be a sexually-empowered woman who knows what you want to be sexual. Not only to satisfy themselves, but respecting actions and actions of your partner during sex. Not hard to be like that, CLEO will tell how that the activities of sex you and your partner satisfying.

Love your own body

Sexually Empowered Women

Many women are not comfortable with their bodies because it was not perfect either because it thinks that the shape of their breasts are not big enough or cellulite in the thigh area. These thoughts eventually make them feel inferior and not expressive when having sex because of lack of confidence. And to get the orgasm, first you have to feel comfortable with your own body.

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Tip: Loved the body’s own means take care of him. Not to miss a bit of pampering your body with body scrubbing and hair masking routine. Do exercise and eat healthy foods because both can make your body and mind fit. You’ll not only look great, but you’ll feel great, too.

Know your ‘spot’

After feeling comfortable with your body, do not hesitate to searching the entire curves without exception. Find out which body part that can make you turn on. Often hear the term G-spot is not it? According to sex expert Cory Silverberg, the G-spot really exists and you can find yourself. But the location of the G-spot is different in every woman, so it needs a little trick to find out.

Tips: experimenting with the G-spot can be fun. Silverberg suggested using a touch of hands to find the G-spot. But for those who are uncomfortable using a hand can use the help of sex toy to stimulate them.

Sexually Empowered WomenTell your desires

Once you know which areas in your body that can maximize the activities of Sexually Empowered Women, the next step is to tell your wishes to the couple. Do not be ashamed to say that you are more passionate when he was fondling the area behind the ear, or doing a little massage near the clitoris. When the couple knows what makes you passionate, believe that sex activity will be more exciting.

Tips: You were too shy to speak directly to a partner can give signs through touch. Hold her hand and point to ‘point’ that make your body turns on.

Dare to try a new position

Why not try different sexual positions better than just doing the missionary position all the time? When you dare to try the habit of making love outside the routine, it means you open up greater opportunities to achieve orgasm. This action also makes you look serious and enthusiastic during sex, because they do not hand over all control to the couple. And guys love to have sex with a woman who is actually into it.

Sexually Empowered Women

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Tip: Try the position of a woman on top which became a favorite sex position many women. No wonder this position because it makes her a favorite at the peak of control during sex. With this position, you can set how long the penetration lasted until prolong orgasm.

Feel free to say no

You do not need to be someone who is sexually active to be sexually-empowered woman. You decide which is best for your body and yourself. When not want to make love with your partner, it’s better to tell the truth. Remember, that perform unwanted sex is also included in the rape.

Tips: Women often feel guilty for refusing requests for sex couples, especially for those who are married. It is actually fine to do, babes. So, when the couples ‘forced’ to make love when you’re not in the mood, do not hesitate to say no to him.

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