Top 10 Interesting Facts about Heart Disease

A heart disease is the disease caused by problems with the heart’s function. Examples of cardiovascular diseases include angina pectoris in coronary arteries, due to lack of oxygen supply to the heart muscle. Another example may be for example myocardial infarction. Or heart failure, which is a condition where the heart’s pumping function is gradually, becoming inadequate. There are a plethora of different heart diseases, and is one of man’s greatest causes of death. However, here are ten facts you may not know about just heart disease.

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Heart Disease

01) By far the most common form of heart disease is coronary artery disease, which is blocked or reduced coronary arteries that supply the heart with blood. The person experiencing an uncomfortable feeling in the chest, usually in the left part that may radiate to the left arm , but also up to the throat, jaw and shoulders (called referred pain). The person usually break while out in cold sweats and tremors. At angina symptoms go over within ten minutes , while the pain of a heart attack , which can otherwise be difficult to differentiate from angina, often lasting more than 20 minutes .

Interesting Facts about Heart Disease

02) United States – which is one of the countries that suffer most in the world of cardiac diseases – spend about 316.4 billion dollars on medical care and costs thereabouts as heart diseases costs - every year! The US is also the country that put the most money in the world of health care when it comes to the care of patients with heart problems.

03) Studies have shown that you run ten times greater chance of getting any kind of heart disease if you have a parent or sibling who has had heart problems before the age of 60 years. Likewise, the same applies if you have a cousin or father / grandparent with heart problems before they have had time to complete 60 years.

04) A Danish study has shown that men and women with thighs measuring less than 60cm in circumference have a higher risk of developing any form of heart disease.

05) CT scans of mummies has revealed that heart disease was surprisingly widespread in ancient Egypt , suggesting that heart disease is also caused by other than modern habits, such as smoking, fast food and watching TV (inactive behavior)

Interesting Facts about Heart Disease

06) Research has shown that those who stay up late at night may be more likely to develop heart disease, even if they get their eight hours sleep. Another study has shown that women who slept five hours or less per night were 39% more likely to develop heart disease than women who got eight hours sleep.

07) It only takes between four to six minutes after a cardiac arrest before a person is perceived as brain dead, then completely dead. The chance of survival outside a hospital is less than 1-2%.

08) Myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac arrest are two completely different things. A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to the heart muscle stops and the heart muscle stops working. A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurs when the heart suddenly stops pumping because of an electrical problem in the heart.

Interesting Facts about Heart Disease

09) The researchers have concluded that a woman’s resting heart rate is a good indicator of her future risk of heart attack. Women with high heart rates, at or above 76 beats per minute, were more likely to suffer a heart attack than women with lower resting heart rate (62 beats per minute or less).

10) People who live alone are at twice the risk of having a heart attack or sudden cardiac death compared with those who live with a partner or roommate.

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