Top 10 Unique and Interesting Facts About Coffee

Discussion about coffee itself is a lot. Some are discussing the bad side, there are also choosing to trace the goodness-kindness. Well here are 10 cool facts, which may not be known to many people, about coffee.

Top 10 Unique and Interesting Facts About Coffee

1. Criminalization of Coffee in Kenya

If in Indonesia there is criminalization of KPK and ulama, then another with Kenya. There, Facts About Coffee becomes a high-value commodity. This then triggered the thriving coffee theft, so the local police had to go the extra mile. Even the farmers have to spend the night in the garden, so the action of coffee theft can be avoided.

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But the criminals do not lose their mind. They are even daring to commit acts of violence, for example by hitting or shooting the guards. But if the coffee farmers are stronger, the perpetrators will soon be caught and humiliated by being hung on the street. The Kenyan government itself is required to be more serious about this problem, because coffee is a source of livelihood for the majority of its population.


2. When the Potionic Potential Coffee in Central America

Fungal disease attacks make the color of coffee leaves so different. There are orange spots that indicate if the plant is “sick”. This disease itself can not be underestimated, because it has destroyed Central American coffee since the 19th century. Coffee plants threatened can not grow, and of course farmers are threatened can not harvest and earn livelihood.

This epidemic could destroy the existence of Arabica coffee, which is the main victims. Even in February 2014, Guatemala declared that the state of coffee had been an emergency. To buy pesticides, farmers were provided about 14 million dollars. This situation certainly increasingly boost the price of coffee in the market.

3. Caffeine In Coffee Can Become A Magnet For Bees

Historically, coffee was first discovered by a goat herd. His pet was apparently found in a state of coffee chewing. The content of caffeine in it can be toxic to snails or other pest animals. But this substance can actually be something of interest to pollinating animals like bees.

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Apparently, scientists argue that the typical content of coffee that can improve the memory of bees. These animals will remember the flowers that have been visited, so it can return to the same flowers. But the influence of caffeine on bees and humans that can not be generalized just like that.

4. Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony or Celebration

Bunna, the term for his coffee celebrations, became an important part of Ethiopia’s life. Women who play a great role in this series of cultures. From young, they have been taught to do things for the sake of the event smoothly. This ritual itself becomes a symbol to welcome guests well at home.

The process itself takes hours. Starting from baking green beans in a pan. Then the fragrant flowers are deliberately burned to bring the scent that comes out. Then the coffee was prepared and people poured it into several cups. Inside the cup, there is already salt, sugar, or butter. This dish is often found in typical Ethiopian restaurants spread in other countries.

5. Addiction and coffee overdose

Like medicine, caffeine content can be toxic or toxic if taken on an excessive scale. Caffeine collected from about 100 cups of coffee can be very deadly. The drinker is in danger of dying.

Even if a person is not accustomed to consume caffeine, then a small dose can make you sick. There used to be a case of a 17-year-old girl should be treated in the hospital after drinking 7 cups of double espresso. As a result in experiencing high temperatures, mood swing , and palpitations, a state where the heart beats very fast or rhythm is not normal. In addition to overdose, we also have to be cautious of the phenomenon of kaffeinism or fall will be an addictive caffeine trap. You can be addicted, and feel the need at least 6 cups of ground coffee every day.

6. England Had Banned Coffee Circulation

In the 17th century, coffee was scattered in stalls or English shops. But the time was not too popular coffee. Even some women complain about the existence of coffee, because it can reduce male virility. They then held a campaign and garnered support. In 1675, Charles King officially banned coffee.

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 But this decision also reap the cons, so the king changed his decision. Coffee shops remain a favorite place for scientists or poets. This includes Isaac Newton, Samuel Johnson, Alexander Poper, or Robert Hooke.

7. Latte Art Competition and Icip Coffee Event

We do love to compete or compete in everything. Even the coffee did not escape the target of the championship. One of them is the World Cup Tasters Championship. In this prestigious event, participants will taste and breathe the aroma of coffee coming from different countries. They then compete as quickly as possible to identify the coffee.

Another competition that is not less interesting public is Latte Art in World Coffee Event. Participants take advantage of espresso and hot milk, to then make free design on the surface of a coffee drink. The more impressive and has a high level of difficulty, the chances of winning him bigger.

8. Coffee During Pregnancy

When pregnant, a woman must receive various restrictions. One of the prohibitions is to drink coffee. They assume that the health content of women who are open coffee drinkers will be better. Yet the fact is not always so. There is no valid data showing a bad influence between coffee consumption and pregnancy, as long as the pregnant mother does not drink more than 3 cups of coffee per day.

9. Reclaimed Coffee Base

Apparently, we just need 20% coffee powder to add flavor and aroma. The rest is a dregs, which becomes a bland plant fiber. In other words, coffee leaves a considerable amount of production left. This prompted scientists to use the unused coffee powder into something more useful.

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Maine Techonology Institute’s research succeeds in processing coffee grounds into fuel or energy. Then there is a coffee maker , which also uses its dregs to be biomass energy, which is burned along with wood. There are also those who make coffee grounds as one of the mixes for alcoholic beverages.

10. Contaminated Coffee

We have already discussed the mushroom coffee, which had become a frightening scourge for the Central American region. Now there is also another poison called Ochratoxin A. Is Aspergillus and Penicillium mushrooms in coffee that produce this poison. Its own existence began to be found in 1988. Farmers have to hold the United Nations, especially FAO or Food and Agriculture Organization, to combat this intruder.

Then in New Sweden (2003), there was a man who was killed and 15 others to be treated. The medical team suspects that they are food poisoning, especially sandwiches, which are already consumed. But the main cause is the arsenic contained in the coffee pot.

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