Top 3 Reasons Why Men Do Not Want to Use Condoms

Arm yourself with the “fend amunisi’untuk three main reasons men refuse to use condoms-and to convince the couple to use the ‘gloves’ is

Top 3 Reasons Why Men Do Not Want to Use Condoms

 1 Reduce Enjoyment

It’s the number one reason why men avoid condom. The sensation of skin to skin penetration so lacking obtained because it was blocked condoms. AMMUNITION Precisely increase pleasure .Yes, you did not misread! Condoms can help you and she felt more relaxed because of worry. You all know, stress can spoil the enjoyment of lovemaking. Lagipulamenggunakan condoms can help sex lasts longer-which of course better! This could be a solution if the spouse is often ejaculating too fast. Hey, you also need to be satisfied, right?

Use Condoms

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TIP S Add a little water-based lubricant on the tip of the condom inside and outside, can make it feel much better. In addition, there are many variants of condoms (serrated, ultra-thin, lubricated ) to make it felt like a second skin. So, buy some and tell your partner that you want to try to feel what the sensation. Finally, condoms became part of the pleasure sex!

2 Did not find a Condom that fits

When used, condoms should be comfortable and safe. Condoms that are too tight painful, while the loose tentujuga feels comfortable and safe.
AMMUNITION Finding the right condom is not that hard, really. According to the website, 30-35% of men in need condoms smaller than the standard size, and only 15-20% of men who require large sized condoms, So, most of the men are in medium size or standard.

Use Condoms

TIP S Find out the right size condoms for couples to try several brands and sizes. If necessary, use the site to help him find a condom that fits the needs. There is no condom calculator- stay measurement, enter the information, and you will get the brand and type of condom is recommended.

3 Interrupting highly Aroused

Again in full swing, uh, should time-out to put a condom. Research shows that 28 percent of men lose the erection during the interval and after the install condom-use, 20 percent of men have difficulty maintaining an erection.
AMMUNITION Help him by providing condoms and plugging . There is no harm if you should take the initiative in matters of condoms. Because during sex, like bull-man and you matadornya! Keep erection by putting a condom on ‘junior’nya, sembarimembiarkan he kissed the neck and body of your hand while you work.

TIP S To be able to carry out the task, you harusjadi experts! First, before making love, always check the expiration date kondomyang be used. Second, open the wrapper carefully-do not open with the teeth as it can damage the condom. Third, hold the tip of the condom to remove the air (this is important to avoid a rupture of a condom during ejaculation), then roll up to the base of the erect penis. Section with a tip of the condom roll is the outside-not to reverse! When the time to wear it upside down, removes, and takes a new condom again. Fourth, apply a water-based lubricant on the outside of the condom-which not only adds to the enjoyment, but also reduces the risk of condom tearing. Do gunakanpelumas base oils because it can lead to broken condoms?

Use Condoms

After ejaculation, make sure the penis is still in a state of erection when unplugged, and hold the base of the condom when pulling it to avoid dripping fluid into luar. Terakhir equally important, after selesaidipakai, make sure your partner throw condoms correctly is to tie the knot the back of condoms to prevent spilled liquid inside, then wrap with plastic or a tissue and throw it in the trash. Remember, not down the toilet, yes!

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