These Unsexy But Amusing Situations in Sex Life

Some of the above cases, the beds made sex not as glamorous as you think.

These Unsexy But Amusing Situations in Sex Life

Body sounds: Imagine the sound of what could come out of the human body when the two come into contact. Starting from the sound of ‘crack’ of the joint, the sound that comes out of the skin friction, until perhaps only when one suddenly flue gas! Reviews these things are bound to happen. In addition to successfully make you ashamed, but actually sounds like it is more difficult to control. The trick is to laugh at him, ignore it, and keep going.


hair-in the head, not the hair in the ‘down’ there often be a distraction at a time when the sex session heats up. Especially for those who have long hair, the hair can be striking the eye or into the mouth a couple, or perhaps just strangle parts of your body or your partner. Instead you want to look sensual with your hair, even hurt you both. The solution: your ponytail.

Slipping out

Session love can suddenly stop? It is only fair. One reason is if the penis does not get in the perfect place. Yes, ‘weapon’ may be tucked away and misdirected. Do not immediately upset or complaining, fix the position of his penis and attach a sweet smile. He must again continue the spirit of love.

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make no mistake, it can happen to anyone. It is certain sex session can not be continued. Do not put into the hearts (and assume your spouse earned), give a hug tenderly until the next day he would have to pay the ‘debts’ many times over!



Sex can get steamy and sweaty. Sweat soaks your partner, and vice versa. It’s natural and normal. After making love can be followed by a bath together, right? Just remember, if a guy wants access to that part of your body, it’s simply a risk they should be willing to take Period.

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