What Do You Know About HIV?

infectious disease deadly incurable until now may have AIDS. But, in fact HIV is not spread as easily as it is among heterosexuals. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, men almost never infected with the HIV virus from women.

What Do You Know About HIV?

The possibility of a healthy man (the man who is free of the disease and not drug users ) who do sex without a condom with a woman who also healthy (disease-free women, and not a drug user ) is only 1: 5,000,000.

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If the man was wearing a condom, then the chances are smaller again, to 1: 50,000,000.

It was in men. In women, studies show that women are much more easily infected with the HIV virus than men infected by women than men. Is not it unfair?

So, babes, please please please use protection when you have sex, for your own good!

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