These 10 Most Crazy and Bizarre Indian Rituals

These 10 Most Crazy and Bizarre Indian Rituals  

Walking on fire

  1. The people of South India party practice this custom.
  2. They walk barefoot on a hot fire pit, or sometimes filled with incandescent charcoal.
  3. The march on fire is made in honor of the Hindu goddess Draupati Amman.
  4. Thus, instead of rushing over the pit, the faithful walk slowly as if it were a walk in the park.
  5. The ritual begins when the priest by the pit with a pot on his head, filled with holy water.
  6. She is then followed by other men.
  7. Participants suffer from burns on the feet – and sometimes worse injuries in which they fall into the fire.


  1. It is practiced in the festival of “Thookam”.
  2. Many Hindu devotees pierce their backs by pointed hooks.
  3. The men are then lifted from the ground on a scaffold with ropes.
  4. Sometimes even the children are connected in the hands of the participants.
  5. Originally from southern India, the festival was banned by the Indian government.


  1. Unlike its Spanish counterpart, Indian bullfight or “Jallikattu” is practiced without the help of a rope or weapons.
  2. Fortunately, bull is left in the end, as it is known sacred in India.
  3. During Pongal (harvest), it is mainly practiced.
  4. It is one of the most dangerous sports played in India.
  5. Youth, ardent for some desperate glory, generally try to subdue the bull.
  6. More than a hundred people have been killed in southern India in the past two decades.
  7. One case is filed with the Supreme Court of India, which intends to introduce a total ban on this sport.
  8. The bulls are filled with alcohol, their eyes are sprinkled with chili powder, and the testicles are taken in order to provoke anger.

Self flagellation

  1. Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar.
  2. It was the month that marks the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala.

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  3. When Imam Hussein ibn Ali was killed by 72 warriors, who were killed in the next ten days.
  4. “Shiites” in India mourn this event by flagellating her naked body with a string called “Matam”.
  5. Sometimes they also include razor blades or knives.

Veuve Combustion

  1. It was mostly practiced in the 17th century. In this ritual a widow is burned alive with the corpse of her husband.
  2. Widows who were caught trying to escape this fate were tied to the corpse or leg were broken.
  3. Sometimes they would even be pushed back with bamboo sticks into the lit fire.
  4. Although banned by the British colonial government in 1859, it was still practiced in parts of India.
  5. It is still banned under the present Indian government, with severe penalties for the few people who still insist innocent women to death.

Throw baby

  1. Every year in December, more than a hundred babies are thrown into the crowd from the roof of the temple.
  2. It is a height of nearly 200 meters.
  3. A group of men waiting with a rag used to capture them.
  4. The reason for this ritual is to increase fertility.
  5. It is also made to bring good health and happiness to the family.
  6. The Indian government foresees a ban on this ritual.

Food Roll

  1. In some temples of Karnataka people stop, fall and Rool before entering.
  2. Some of them roll their bodies through the remains of food thrown by “Brahmans” – the highest priestly caste in India.
  3. The rolling act is practiced by all Brahman lower caste and says to cure skin diseases.
  4. This practice is on the verge of prohibition.

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  5. The members of the Indian government decided to educate rather than impose their will on the people.
  6. Good luck to them.

Chicken – Shredding Exorcisms

  1. In Hinduism, exorcisms are carried out by various means.
  2. One of these methods involves slaughtering a white chicken.
  3. Bloody parties are scattered around the house by the pandit or priest who is usually responsible for implementing the exorcism.
  4. The possessed person is then considered a demon or pocessed by demon.
  5. These demons or spirits are afraid of white chickens.
  6. In some cases, the devil is reported as shouting “I go! I go!” Before leaving.
  7. Apparently, it is followed by the immediate resumption of the exorcised person.
  8. The person wakes up something like a trance, seems not to remember events or chicken.

Tongue piercing Rituals

  1. Sharp needles are used to pierce the tongue.
  2. They are usually made of wood or steel.
  3. The piercing is common to a number of religious festivals.
  4. In some areas boys and girls can participate in ritual piercing.
  5. Those who go to pierce their tongue carry a garland around their necks for a day before the ceremony.
  6. Ceremonial drilling is usually followed by dancing and joy.
  7. These practices are also observed in countries other than India, in the southern parts of Asia.

Female infanticide

  1. This social evil exists not only in India but also in many other parts of the world.
  2. Many people see boys as more desirable than female children.
  3. Preference for a male child can be so extreme that female infants can be killed, or floated in the river.
  4. Infanticide was banned in the 19th century.

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