10 Most Unique and Amazing Facts about India

Amazing Facts about India: India is one of the giant country rich in culture, and millions of stories that continue to exist from generation to generation, and is one of the world’s most populous country, has a tradition and culture that have lived for centuries. India is also home to the most exotic women on the planet. India is also the source of much of science, although the country is still overshadowed by the often considered western such as poverty, damaged buildings, unkempt city, but certainly behind that India has its own advantages that make it attractive. Here are 10 interesting facts at the same time the most unique things that happen in India.

10 Most Unique and Amazing Facts about India

10. The population of India is likely to be greater than China within 6 years

Amazing Facts about India

Currently China has loosened the principle of rule 1 baby by giving a chance to two children per family. Maybe it would hamper the title above. But not as easy as it is to increase the population of those who are familiar with the old rules, which add a child would be a new problem for them. Predictions that came out recently is precisely reversed stating that the population of India will beat China in a few years and will be the most populous country in the world in a few more decades.

9. India consists of many parts of the language 

Amazing Facts about India: It turned out that India has a lot of everyday language used for communication. There are a number of theories that the change was part of the language is the result of migrants affecting the nature of their language, and especially after the increase in education continues to be driven by local residents. The use of ethnic languages consists of 415 languages, all of which have a portion of its own in this country.

8. Have some giant cities

One giant city is New Delhi, the home of approximately 23.3 million people in one town alone. That even if the comparison is already larger than many countries in the world. In addition to New Delhi, there is the city of Mumbai which consists of a population of 23 million people. Then the city of Kolkata around 16 million and some other cities has population of millions.

7. The number of voters if elections might be hundreds of millions

Amazing Facts about India

It is not known exactly how much the population by age as voters to take part of politics in this country, but when viewed from the population and the total adult population, then India is one country in the world with voters most, aside differences standard of living is very high and a violent situation, there is hope among some of the population to continue to provide their choice, jointly select the best one.

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6. India was formerly the Islamic State

Amazing Facts about India:If you’ve seen how the film classic and modern Indian origin, you will realize that the themes of the film is often based on the independence and freedom of the two streams are completely different it but respect the way of life of each, belief systems of ancient India loyalists family heritage clashed with Islamic religion in the country. There is always a feeling of enthusiasm for the war and to make one particular religion more powerful than anyone else, even though basically they are equally human.

5. Deaths from traffic accidents Highest 

Amazing Facts about India

Actually this is not a fact interesting because it deals with death, but this is one of the advantages that occurred in India. The number of population and highways are small and frequent twisting of the housing area residents crowded vehicle precede each between pedestrians and children playing in the same environment, plus the homeless often slept on the roadside makes this title could hardly denied.

4. India is a producer and consumer in the world’s largest mango

It’s very exciting, everyone loves eating mangoes, whatever their race, ethnicity or country. India is a country of mango producer and consumer world’s largest anyway. Indian mango production in 2012 of around 15 million tons more and still more from China Indonesia, Pakistan or Mexico.

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3. The record-breaking third highest in the world

There are children who can see and move closer to a cobra and then play the flute so as not to injure others? Or even closer and the distance enough to kiss the body part cobra? India is the answer. Only in India as well you will see how the parents give permission for the cobra clearly alive to play with their infant son. It was just one among a myriad of records that only happens in India. Another record that recently was the temperature. The highest temperature that occurred some time ago even melts some asphalt road at the same time the vehicle drove on the streets.

2. India’s first rocket was taken using a bicycle

This is probably the craziest thing that has ever happened in India, unique and unusual and certainly very, very rare to happen in other places. India never buy their first rocket and carry it by bicycle. It is not known whether the rocket is part of the bullet, but if only it was a bullet rockets then they have been really crazy, and it has become a worldwide media attention that made them famous as well. Luckily, the first rocket was brought safely and successfully launched. But after that rocket start them, India has been created and launched himself into space about 350 in number.

1. There is a kind of shark species in the river Ganges

Amazing Facts about India

Similarly, if faced with a cobra when you are in India, it is no different than dealing with species of sharks, which kills its victims if something like the ferocity of the snake.

This shark has even habitat in the river Ganges, a sacred river in India and visited when they are convinced that spiritual bath with the water which is believed to cleanse evil, sin and others. But besides spiritual things they do, there is a danger that threatens in the water, a powerful killer cobra species including insects other deadly invisible in the water. Again, it only happens in India have been on my own a lot of facts about India is very cool. Technical books come from India or at least the author is Indian.

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