15 Most Interesting and Amazing Facts about India

India is one of the learning objectives are quite popular for foreign students, especially in the last five years. In addition to tuition fees and living costs are relatively cheaper compared to countries like Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia; India is also known as the Asian country with the largest information technology development center in Asia. In this article, TopWorldFact.Com will invite you view the hundred unique facts about India. Some facts may surprise you, but we’re sure some will make you far more interested in studying in this country. Immediately, the following facts:

15 Most Interesting and Amazing Facts about India

  1. With a population of 1.2 million billion, India is the largest democracy in the world.
  1. India is the second country with the largest population, behind China which has about 1.3 million billion people.Interesting and Amazing Facts about India
  1. It is one of the places with the highest abortion rate in the world.
  1. There are more than one million residents of India’s status as a billionaire.
  1. Nevertheless, the economic gap between the rich and poor in this country is very striking. About 35% of India’s population (about 420 million people) lives below the poverty line.
  1. India is a peace-loving country. This country was never attacked or tried to conquer other countries.
  2. In India, there is a religion called Zoroaster. Followers of these religions do not bury or burn the bodies of the dead, but put it on top of the hill and let the birds and wild animals eat the corpse. It aims to not harm the environment and benefit as much as possible to other living beings.Interesting and Amazing Facts about India
  1. India is the country with the number of murders in the world, with about 32 thousand homicides occurs each year. The second place was occupied by Russia.

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  1. We can see lots of cows roaming freely in the streets of India. According to Hinduism, the cow is a symbol of one of the gods is not to be slaughtered.
  1. Therefore, it is natural that in India very rarely are foods made from beef Foods such as hamburgers and pizza menu mostly replacing beef with chicken meat.
  1. In India, hardly a billboard. Store board identification is usually directly drawn / written on the wall of the building.
  2. India is one of the most developed countries in the art of dance. This is because the dance goes into nearly all aspects of society, and even used as one of the rituals in the celebration of religious holidays.
  1. There is a festival called “Holi” or “Festival of Lights”. In this event, the people took to the streets, playing with powder paint and smeared their bodies with a variety of bright colors.Interesting and Amazing Facts about India
  2. Most Indian women will not say her name out loud, because it could be considered as something that is not polite.
  1. The country is the birthplace of the game of chess. Derived from Sanskrit, “Chaturanga”, the game was found since ancient times.

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