5 Facts Ease Living in India Not Many People Know

Traffic, pollution crazy, evil everywhere, these things are always attached to India. It is undeniable that such exists, but it is wrong if we consider it as an identity attached to one’s country. Life in India is not always cringe like that. This country has a lot of fun things that will make anyone feel at home. Yes, in fact it’s like that. India is a bad stigma turns in it there are a lot of uniqueness that can make anyone very comfortable staying there. For example, about the friendliness of its people special. There when someone pay, local people will treat him very well. Miscellaneous food given until told to stay several days. Indian society will always be that way no matter their condition is poor.

5 Facts Ease Living in India Not Many People Know

Not only was it something unique and fun that exists in India. Here are other positive things about the land of Hindustan who may be attracted you to visit it.

1. In India Cost Her life Too Cheap

Life in India was hard. Too many people here and all of them struggling to feed herself. But, although loud, live there still fun. The reason is, because the cost of living here is very cheap.

Serba cheap in India [Image Source ]

Commodity prices are very affordable. Sometimes if we can neutralize most probably get a much cheaper price. The rental fee is also quite cheap lodging to the usual level. Total in a month maybe we just need to spend about $ 2 million, could be could be less in line with what our choices.

2. Goods Mahal So Very Cheap Here

India was indeed nyleneh matter of price. As in other places an item price is too high, here instead sold cheap. Cars, for example, in India there’s you know cars are sold at a price of USD 27 million only. And was confirmed only in India there is this cheap car.

Smartphone price of Rp 60 thousand [Image Source <a href="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/r92Bl8pQATk/maxresdefault.jpg" target="_blank"> </a>]

Smartphone price of Rp 60 thousand [Image Source ]

Not only cars, motorcycles cost was also here. In Indonesia a new motor must have cost over USD 10 millions, but here we can Boyong motors only Rp 6 million only. In addition to cars and motorcycles, in India we can buy cheap but capable smartphones that cost less than Rp 60 thousand. Delicious, right?

3. Search Houses in India as Easy as Turning Palms

Looking for a partner is certainly not going to be easy, especially if the target is a foreigner. However, in India the notion that you can entngkan. Yes, there get your spouse was not hard. Just need a little effort, we can get the desired Indian girl.

Indian girls [Image Source <a href="http://s3.amazonaws.com/presspublisher-do/upload/1090/news/indian-woman-entrepreneur.jpg" target="_blank"> </a> ]

Indian girls [Image Source ]

The reason is because the average Indian girl was friendly. In addition, easily find a mate here is because of the population. Currently, India is home to around 1.2 billion people. Hundreds of millions of that are women. Failed to get one, there are millions of others who are ready to be searched. Plus, the average age of the Indian population in the productive age. So, welcome to the single fighter!

4. India Festival It will not Got Much Can Be Obtained in Everywhere

For lovers of the smelly stuff of culture, India is the right place to satisfy themselves about it. Yes, here there are so many unique festivals that will certainly make us feel at home and refuse to return. Chaand Raat start of the festival of the full moon, until Mysore Basic or ten-day festival.

Holi Festival [Image Source <a href="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6a/Holi_Festival_of_Colors_Utah,_United_States_2013.jpg" target="_blank"> </a>]

Holi Festival [Image Source ]

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Well, among the many unique festivals in India, there is one that will probably make you so late with joy. The festival is called Holi. The event was so lively because the city will be filled with colors. Not only that, the festival is sometimes held until a few days also showed beautiful dances and lots of food.

5. In India Service The repairs Very-Very Cheap

Indeed, the issue of low prices, India will not be defeated by anyone. Not only about the goods and the cost of living, it turns out here the price of a service is also very cheap. Services include many things, ranging from haircuts, maid, laundress, gardeners and others.

Barbers in India [Image <a href = "http://www.maierandmaierphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/barber-shop-side-street-varanasi-india.jpg" target = "_ blank" > Source </a>]

Barbers in India [Image Source ]

Because of the cheapness, the financial condition of the average person could well hire some hawkers service. Not only the cheap price, the work of this service provider also very satisfactory.

This is India, a country which he said is full of bad things, but it contains a lot of fun things. Looks like this one country could be the next destination of interest. No need to worry about running out of money, because whatever’s here. It even includes a car though.

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