BrahMos Missile: Can Protect Vietnam of the ‘threat’ of China?

Cruise missiles known as the fastest and most deadly, BrahMos missile will give a big advantage for Vietnam over China’s armed forces. Vietnamese Navy (VPN) will be rolled into the South China Sea to bring the world’s fastest cruise missile. BrahMos missile stealth technology ramjet engine  to reach speeds up to three thousand kilometers per hour, making it a lethal weapon to the arsenal Vietnam.

BrahMos Missile: Can Protect Vietnam of the ‘threat’ of China?

Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has discussed the sale of the missile with Vietnamese Defense Minister Gen. Ngo Xuan Lich. It confirms that the negotiations New Delhi to Hanoi to supply BrahMos missile is in a serious stage, writes Janes Defence Weekly .

The talks in Hanoi on June including put option technicians Indian team in the Southeast Asian country in order to assist the Vietnamese use the system. Transfer BrahMos missile can be realized.

BrahMos missile

The missiles are assembled in India by BrahMos Aerospace, using spare parts from Russia and India. The missile weighs 3.2 tons it has a range of 290 km and a warhead of 300 kg. The most prominent a feature is a sharp pace, which when combined with the capabilities of this missile launch sea makes it difficult to be intercepted. If the enemy warship missiles can detect this though, they will only see it appear on the horizon at a distance of 26 km, giving them time only 28 seconds to circumvent – or maybe read a prayer.

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The missile was developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization of India and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroyeniye this gives great advantages for Vietnam over China. According to Strategy Page , “BrahMos missile is designed primarily to pursue high-value targets that require a large warhead and high accuracy. They can destroy enemy headquarters, or key weapons systems enemies (particularly those with electronic or nuclear weapons). “

BrahMos missile

AL Vietnam can now send the ship’s missiles armed with weapons of India-Russia and China eyeing bigger targets or strategic. Coastal areas of China, including the highly industrialized Guandong region is a region that is rich in targets and may be targeted by armed ships BrahMos without venturing too far from the base.

Version of the BrahMos missiles launched from ships antikapal can fly at supersonic speeds of about 3-4 meters above sea level, making it ideal to perform stealth attacks on enemy ships. “The technology behind the missile makes this weapon be game changer in the global arms industry,” said Defenseworld . “There are no missiles capable of flying at Mach 2 and flew low over the sea.”

Kill Speed

Former CEO of BrahMos Aerospace A. Sivathanu Pillai expressed at high velocity missile Defenseworld that is combined with the relatively heavy weight makes it 15 times more lethal than conventional antikapal missiles. “Missiles other antikapal will simply leave a hole in the hull while attacking, but the BrahMos missile can destroy targets completely. In trials of anti-ship missile in India, the target ship has been shattered, “he said.

BrahMos missile

James Holmes, an associate professor at the US Naval War College, describes the dynamics of destruction committed BrahMos. “The high speed of this missile are pressed for time owned the enemy to respond – and time is a critical factor in the context of detect-to-engage ,” he said.

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“It allows the crew taking a countermeasure electronics, missiles launched surface-to-air, launching the feed, or – as a last resort – to fend off enemy missiles that come with a short-range weapon. The shorter the time -detect-to-engage , the less round or reduction in the air to stop or deflect the attack. However, there are other hidden advantages besides high speed. Instill speed kinetic energy of all moving objects. Therefore, an object creates more damage when it hit another object at high speed. High speed increases strength missile hit on the strength of the explosion are designed in charge. “

With the speed of missiles and range of nearly 300 km, the enemy Vietnam may not be able to launch their first attack in the battle. They may still shocked for a moment before striking back.

BrahMos missile

Strategy Page  reported Russia and India are interested in designing the BrahMos 2, which will use a scramjet engine , replacing the ramjet, in the second level. This will increase the speed of the missile doubled and more difficult to be deflected.

What about the quality of BrahMos missile?

According to Holmes AL United States, all the weapons as a ‘black box’ to be used in a real battle, given the opposing party has the capacity of launching an attack on the launch platform. So, until the missile is fired, we do not know how effective this weapon.

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He also added, “Russia’s involvement in this program should give us pause. The West has long scoffed at the Soviet-made hardware, but the Soviet Navy had asymmetric before it famous. Soviet weapons scientists and engineers to show ingenuity is impressive, in the field of missile antikapal. Some still survive to this day, against the enemies prospective.

BrahMos missile

For example, Sovremenny class cruise missile destroyer transferred to the Chinese naval ship SS-N-22 Sunburn designed to defeat destroyer equipped with Aegis. With high speed and capacity to perform evasive maneuvers in the terminal phase of the flight, Sunburn makes the American armed forces must guard night in uniform – and arguably continues today. Apparently, BrahMos missile has the same mold. “

Given the position of China in the South China Sea, approximately BrahMos will ensure the security of Vietnam.

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