These Most Expensive Wedding in the World

Most people in the world are likely to call the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is the feast of the most expensive in the world. Opinion was not wrong, let alone the wedding of Princess Diana’s eldest son reportedly cost 20 million pounds, or around Rp 332 billion.

However, it turns out there was a Expensive Wedding party, which cost well above British royal family weddings. The wedding party was held in Bangalore, India. The wedding party at a cost of almost Rp 1 trillion was owned subsidiary of Gali Janardhan Reddy and his fiancée, Rajeev Reddy. Reddy, a former politician who succeed in the business of mining area, held a party for five days. Electric Toy Car is Right for Your Child Gift

Reddy invited 50,000 guests and employs 3,000 security guards at the party that began on Thursday (17/11/2016) was held at the Palace Bangalore, in southern India. Of the invited guests, looked Bollywood stars who attended after receiving an invitation letter gilded equipped LCD screen that displays video the Expensive Wedding couple.

Expensive Wedding in the World-janardhan-reddys-daughter-wedding

According to some media in India , which is used as a short video that shows the bride’s invitation to be wearing some fancy clothes and groom surrounded by five white horses. Unique invitation letters it is one of the things that makes it so expensive wedding costs.

Additionally, Reddy paid eight renowned Bollywood directors to design and create pestapernikahan location is spectacular. Guests are also going to be paraded around the party location by using a luxury train that pulled the bull toward an artificial village to eat food that has been provided. In total, the wedding cost nearly USD 1 trillion. For any kind of money? For an invitation letter that includes LCD screens Rp 1.9 billion, Rp 33 billion wedding dresses, and wedding jewelry women’s Rp 175 billion.

Reddy said, to finance this Expensive Wedding, he had to pawn some of his property in Bangalore and Singapore.

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