These Top 10 WildLifes in India You Don’t Know

India is home to many species of wildlifes. More than 25% of the land is covered with dense forest in India and nearly 400 national parks. These are the ideal habitat for many species of wildlife.You can discover these places simply by reference Anti log vacations. Wildlife Safari in India is probably the best way to discover the rich flora and fauna in the vicinity of the mother nature.

These Top 10 WildLifes in India You Don’t Know 

Royal Bengal Tiger

  1. The royal tiger of Bengal is the national animal of India.
  2. The Bengal tiger is the second largest subspecies after the Siberian tiger.
  3. Recent studies have shown that Bengal tigers are larger than the average Siberian tiger.
  4. Today, India has the largest number of tigers in the world.
  5. Kanha National Parkis is famous for its majestic royal tiger of Bengal.

Great Indian Elephant

  1. Elephants have a prestigious place in Indian culture.
  2. The largest elephant population in Asia is in India.

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  3. India has covered the largest population of elephants, but by human intervention, mining, dam construction, elephants have declined.

Indian Rhinoceros

  1. Indian Rhinoceros or the Great One – Rhinoceros is a large mammal found mainly in northeast India and Nepal.
  2. It is limited to meadows and forests in the foothills of the Himalayas.
  3. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is the home of the highest density of Indian rhinoceros in the world.

Great Indian lion

  1. The great Indian lion is one of the big cats in India.
  2. The habitat of the Asian lion is very low.
  3. It no longer exists in Gir National Park in Gujarat.
  4. Approximately 411 lions in the Junagarh wild forest left.

Indian Leopard

  1. Indian leopards are spread across India.
  2. They live in tropical forests and dry forests.
  3. The leopard is an agile and furtive predator.
  4. The leopard is known for its ability to climb.
  5. It is still observed on the branches during the day.

Black Indian Bear

  1. Black Indian Bears are also known as Asian black bear or black bear.
  2. Indian black bear is listed as a very dangerous animal in India.
  3. He killed a lot of people.
  4. The main enemy of Asian black bears are tigers, leopards and even a pack of wolves.

Indian Buffalo Wild

  1. The wild water buffalo is the ancestor of domestic water buffalo, and the second largest wildlife.
  2. Only smaller than the Gaur.

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  3. The wild buffalo population is threatened in India.
  4. They live only in a small number of protected areas that extend over Nepal and Bhutan.
  5. Indian wild buffalo are in Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Assam.

Wild Indian Ass

  1. Ass wild Indian khur be found only in the Little Rann of Kutch in the state of Gujarat in India.
  2. Indian Desert Wild Donkey Salt Sanctuary, the meadows in the arid zone and the bush are his favorite homeland.
  3. The Indian wild ass disappeared from its former dens in the western regions of India.
  4. It falls into the category of endangered wildlife.

Indian Black Buck

  1. Black deer is a species of antelope native to the Indian subcontinent.
  2. It has been classified as potentially at risk.
  3. Indian Black Buck is also known as Kala Hiran.
  4. Today, the black dollar population is contained only in the framework of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat, with some areas in central India.

Blue Bull – Nilgaut

  1. Blue bull or nilgai is the largest antelope in Asia.
  2. Nilgai is a daytime creature, found alive in Indian Prairie.
  3. Their range includes Natioal Park, plains and low hills with India shrubs.

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