Top 5 Most Dangerous Snakes of India You Don’t Know

Dense and dark forest of India are the best habitats for giant snakes. There are 270 species of snakes in India, of which about 60 are highly toxic, Each year, 20,000 people die from venomous snake bites in India, So six mortal snakes in India are.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Snakes of India You Don’t Know

Indian Cobra

  1. The Indian Cobra is also known as “Naag”.
  2. It is the most venomous snake found in India.
  3. Indian cobras are in many habitats, but generally prefer open wood edges, fields and
  4. Areas around the villages.

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  5. They feed on rodents, lizards and frogs.
  6. Indian Cobra “The St. Snake” is connected to the Lingam, the symbol of god Shiva.
  7. During the festival – people “Naag Panchami” adore the cobra as God.

Indian Krait

  1. Bungarus kraits is commonly referred to as the most dangerous venomous snake in India.
  2. He is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.
  3. The maximum dead bite krait common is 60, it can be seen in the jungles of India.
  4. Venom Krait is extremely neurotoxic and causes muscle paralysis.
  5. Its bite is deadly for humans.
  6. There are 12 species and subspecies of 5 Krait Serpent.

Viper Russell

  1. Viper local name is Russell Koriwala.
  2. It is one of the most venomous snakes in all of India.
  3. After Viper Krait, Russell represents thousands of deaths each year.
  4. It has an average length of 20 cm (4 ft).
  5. Dark brown or gray-brown snake feeds on rodents, lizards and small birds.

Scie – Scaled Viper

  1. The Indian Saw – is a small-scale viper.
  2. It is one of the eight types of serpents of the viper family.
  3. The Ladder Viper is famous for being one of the most dangerous snakes.

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  4. It is a rough ladder serpent with large eyes, broad head, neck and squat body.
  5. There habitats in the country of sand, rocks, soils and a soft brush.
  6. It feeds on lizards, frogs, and a variety of arthropods, such as scorpions, centipedes and large insects.

The King Cobra

  1. The Great King Cobra is the largest snake in India.
  2. Its average length is about 13 to 15 feet.
  3. King Cobras can also reach a length up to 18 feet (5.5 meters).
  4. They are the longest poisonous snake in the world.
  5. Fierce and nimble King Cobra habitats in tropical areas, wet jungle, dense undergrowth, fresh swamps and bamboo poles of forested areas.
  6. The biggest good and the most powerful physical snake is green-olive, brown or matt black.
  7. It possesses bright yellow transverse bands along the length of the body.
  8. Kerala’s “Country of God” is home to this beautiful King Cobra.

Indian Viper Pit

  1. The Indian Green Viper Pit is also known as the snake or the bamboo tree viper.
  2. He is a most common viper family.
  3. He lives mainly in trees, vines, shrubs and bamboos.
  4. Not only are these snakes poisonous, they also have a sensor system to keep them very cool.
  5. Green snake feeds on frogs, lizards and insects.
  6. It grows over a length of 2.5 m.
  7. Another type of viper is from Malabar.

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