10 Amazing Facts about Fragrances You Don’t Know

Scent or odor called the sensation of smell. In nature, the smells (like humans and other animals perceive) very common; many plants and especially the fruits tend to be strongly Fragrances. Many substances, in pure chemistry, usually on fragrant; especially low molecular weight esters are often fragrant. Food usually generally is fragrant, which is particularly important as the flavor is dependent on the smell but we humans are far from those with the best sense of smell, and here are ten facts you should know about just smells!

10 Amazing Facts about Fragrances You Don’t Know


1) Have you smelled the water sometime? For us, people smell it right away something, but otherwise it is for elephants – they can smell the scent of water over a 20-kilometer distance!

2) If someone is kidnapped and binds your eyes, you will find it difficult to distinguish between the smell of Parmesan cheese and vomit. Then one may ask why a kidnapper would force you to smell it.

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3) In 1987 put businesses Baltimore Gas and Electric Company out stickers that smelled gas. The reason was that people pay attention to how a gas leak would smell to prevent accidents. The only problem was that their scented stickers worked some well good and became a received call after call to false alarms and gas leaks.


4) The smell of freshly cut grass is actually a form of defense mechanism of the grass. When the grass is attacked they emit a chemical compound that can potentially attract the predators that would feed on the attacker . However, usually the aggressors in the largest extent consist of grubs or other insects.

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5) Research has shown that deodorants and perfumes improve the likelihood of finding a partner significantly. The reason is said to be that we humans are drawn to others who do not smell like ourselves.

6) The chemicals of oranges and lemons their smell is really the same, but our noses are sensitive enough to distinguish them ate because we know that oranges and lemons are two different things.


7) According to studies by researchers at Exeter University, it can be healthy to inhale small doses of farts. It will among other things be helpful in preventing strokes, dementia, cancer and heart attacks.

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8) Your nostrils take turns to take in the air when you breathe with your mouth closed. In a period your one nostril to be more open to absorb more air, and at a later period, rather than the second nostril to be more open and the other more closed.

9) Meat from uncast rated pigs stinks really bad Therefore castrated 95% of all pigs before they are slaughtered and turned into food.


10) Coffee tastes different than it smells due to its approximately 600 different substances are destroyed by our saliva during the moment we receive the coffee in the mouth.

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